Paddletown Cemetery 


Newberry Township, 

York County, Pennsylvania


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Harry Senft


Harry Senft


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Bair Annie Lynn Allison
Bair Benjamin F. Gagliardi/Schultz
Bair Charles E. Gagliardi/Schultz
Bair Ellen E. Gagliardi/Schultz
Beard Mary Gagliardi/Schultz
Beck Evaline Lynn Allison
Beshore Charles A. Lynn Allison
Beshore Daniel Lynn Allison
Beshore Daniel Lynn Allison
Burger Albert C. Lynn Allison
Burger Ann Gagliardi/Schultz
Burger David Lynn Allison
Coble Ruben Gagliardi/Schultz
Crumlich Grace Y. Harry Senft
Eppley Elizabeth Brinton Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Ercus Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Lucetta Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Magdalene Shelley Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Mary Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Maudie Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Mertie Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Rachel Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Sidney Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Susan Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley Vest Gagliardi/Schultz
Eppley, Sr. William Gagliardi/Schultz
Gosnell B. F. Lynn Allison
Gosnell Bertha A. Lynn Allison
Gross Lillian M. Gagliardi/Schultz
Gross Myrna E. Gagliardi/Schultz
Gross Sarah T. Gagliardi/Schultz
Gross Stewart I. Gagliardi/Schultz
Gross W. Harold Gagliardi/Schultz
Gross Walter Gagliardi/Schultz
Hays Annie G. Lynn Allison
Hays Carman Cape Lynn Allison
Hays Crull M. Lynn Allison
Hays Dale Lynn Allison
Hays Kate Feiser Gagliardi/Schultz
Hays Martha W. Lynn Allison
Hays Minerva Bare Lynn Allison
Hays Robert G. Lynn Allison
Hevel Carrie E. Lynn Allison
Koch Benjiman F. Lynn Allison
Koch Catharine E. Gagliardi/Schultz
Koch Charles D. Gagliardi/Schultz
Koch Clara J. Lynn Allison
Koch George F. Gagliardi/Schultz
Koch John B. Gagliardi/Schultz
Koch Katie Gagliardi/Schultz
Koch Lillian E. Gagliardi/Schultz
Koch Nora E. Gagliardi/Schultz
Koch Reuben F. Gagliardi/Schultz
Krone Jacob F. Gagliardi/Schultz
Krone John J. Gagliardi/Schultz
Krone Mary E. Gagliardi/Schultz
Landis Banjamin S. Lynn Allison
Ort David C. Lynn Allison
Long Clarence Gagliardi/Schultz
Long Emma G. Gagliardi/Schultz
Long Harry W. Gagliardi/Schultz
Long Katie C. Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Abigail Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Adaline M. Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Agnes C. Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller August Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Esther L. Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Francis A. Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Frederick Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Henry B. Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller James I. Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Lewis S. Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Louise Gagliardi/Schultz
Miller Sadie A. Ort Gagliardi/Schultz
Ort Samuel Gagliardi/Schultz
Patterson Rebecca Gagliardi/Schultz
Rockey Elizabeth K. Gagliardi/Schultz
Slothower Bertha A. Kise Lynn Allison
Strine Donna Lee Lynn Allison
Unknown Milton Gagliardi/Schultz
Williams Andrew B. Gagliardi/Schultz
Williams Rose E. Gagliardi/Schultz
Winters Caroline Eppley Lynn Allison
Writer Jacob Gagliardi/Schultz
Yinger Daniel K. Harry Senft
Yinger Frank E. Harry Senft
Yinger Sidney E. Harry Senft
Yinger Sue Eppley Harry Senft
Zimmerman Violet I. Gagliardi/Schultz
Zimmerman Wayne I. Gagliardi/Schultz


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