Old Round Hill  Cemetery 


North Hopewell Township, 

York County, Pennsylvania


Page last updated January 30, 2009




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All photos contributed by Madeline


   Tombstone Images


Anderson Agness
Anderson Esther
Anderson James
Anderson John
Anderson Mary M.
Anderson Robert
Anderson Sarah
Duncan Agness
Duncan Andrew
Duncan Andrew
Duncan Ann - pic2
Duncan Ann
Duncan Charles J. - pic2
Duncan Elizabeth - pic2
Duncan Selinda
Duncan William
Edie William
Faulkner Mary
Faulkner Sarah - pic2
Fulton David
Fulton Eliza
Fulton Ellen M.
Fulton Ida Bell
Fulton James
Fulton John
Fulton John A. S. - pic2
Fulton Lydia A. - pic2
Fulton Marenda C.
Fulton Margaret
Fulton Margaret E.
Fulton Margaret Patterson
Fulton Mary J.
Griffith Elizabeth
Griffith James
Griffith John
Griffith John
Koller Henry
Logan Jane B. - pic2
Logan John
Logan Martha E. D. - pic2
Logan Wm. B.
McCann Arthur
McCann George
McCann George
McCann James
McCann John
McCann Martha
McCann Martha
McCann Mary
McCann Rachel
McCann Sarah
McCormick Duncan - pic2
McKelvey William
McKitrick Agness
Morrison Esther
Ray Rosannah
Smith Arthur
Smith Catherine
Smith Elizabeth D. - pic2
Smith Elizabeth E.
Smith, Sr. Jonathan
Smith Jonathan
Smith Margaret
Smith Sarah
Smith William
Smith William E.
Unknown Margaret Ann
Unknown Unknown-1
Unknown Unknown-2
Warek Sarah - pic2
Warrick Andrew - pic2


The majority of the headstones in this cemetery have a footstone.

A footstone contains no real genealogical data and since it was taking

so long to match the footstone to the headstone, I decided not to

continue doing so.  There are a few above that have been matched to

the headstone, but the remaining footstones will need to be viewed here


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