Hopewell United Presbyterian Church Cemetery


East Hopewell Township, 

York County, Pennsylvania


Page last updated September 4, 2009


Photos taken June 14, 2009 and contributed by Rosalie & Frank Sommer

Transcribed by Kathy Francis


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Tombstone Images

Albano Albert J.
Albano Elizabeth P.
Allison Gaven A.
Allison Isabella J. Grove
Allison Margaret Jane
Bailey Delmar K.
Bailey Edith E.
Bailey Elizabeth M.
Bailey Harry A.
Bailey Jerre
Blevins Larry D.
Brooks Matthew John
Collins A. Jennette - pic2
Collins Belinda J. Manifold - pic2
Collins Cornelius - pic2
Collins Infant - pic2
Collins James W.
Collins Margaret D. W.
Collins Mary E.
Collins Melva L.
Collins Ralph G. - pic2
Collins Robert A.
Collins Samuel C. - pic2
Collins Sarah Elizabeth Gordon - pic2
Cross Emma J.
Cross Harry E.
Cross J. Archie
Cross J. Nelson
Cross James
Cross Jane Ann
Cross Jennie M.
Cross Margaret F.
Cross Margaret J.
Cross Millard D. - pic2
Cross Millard W.
Cross V. Beatrice
Cross Verna M.
Downs H. Bradley
Downs J. Jean
Edgar E. Grace
Edgar Elizabeth M.
Edgar Florence E. - pic2
Edgar J. Elmer M. - pic2
Edgar Joseph Edgar
G. E. L.
G. G. C.
Gemmill William - pic2
Grim Dorothy L.
Grim Luther E.
Grove Agnes
Grove Agnes H.
Grove Alvin G. T.
Grove Anna M.
Grove Carrie E.
Grove Charles - pic2
Grove Curvin R. T.
Grove E. Jeannette Manifold
Grove Elizabeth M. - pic2
Grove Elleanor - pic2 - pic3
Grove Grizella C.
Grove Infant
Grove Infant Dau.
Grove Infant Dau.
Grove J. Howard
Grove Jacob W.
Grove James - pic2 - pic3
Grove Jessie K.
Grove John J.
Grove John T.
Grove Louise T.
Grove Lulu E.
Grove Margaret E.
Grove Sallie E.
Grove Unknown
Harmon Clark M. - pic2
Harmon Etoile E. - pic2
Harmon John M. - pic2
Haubert Helen M.
Haubert S. Martin
Hersey Olive F.
Hersey W. Wilson
Houston Kay A. - pic2
Hyson A. R. Wilson
Hyson Alvin K.
Hyson Archibald
Hyson Archibald - pic2 - pic3
Hyson Archibald J. G. - pic2
Hyson Archibald Miller
Hyson Archie Collins
Hyson Barbara L.
Hyson Catharine B.
Hyson Catharine Ramsey
Hyson Chester A. C.
Hyson Clyde C.
Hyson Cora A.
Hyson D. Alverta
Hyson Elizabeth M.
Hyson Ellen W. - pic2 - pic3
Hyson Estella T.
Hyson Florence Manifold
Hyson Howard R.
Hyson J. B. P. - pic2
Hyson John C.
Hyson John W.
Hyson Laura I. M.
Hyson Maggie R. - pic2
Hyson Margaret E. Neel - pic2
Hyson Margaret L.
Hyson Martha
Hyson Martha J.
Hyson Martha Jane - pic2 - pic3
Hyson Mary Miller
Hyson Owen R. C.
Hyson Ralph A. L.
Hyson Robert J.
Hyson Robert R.
Hyson Sara M.
Hyson William
Julius Kathryn Keesey
Keesey Annie A. M. - pic2
Keesey Bertha M.
Keesey Catharine - pic2
Keesey Charles Barr
Keesey Dale E.
Keesey Deborah J.
Keesey Donald Wilson
Keesey Effie A. M.
Keesey Elva Rehmeyer
Keesey Emma Evelyn
Keesey Foster W.
Keesey Henry W.
Keesey Infant Son
Keesey J. R. Wilson
Keesey J. Webster - pic2
Keesey Jacob - pic2
Keesey Jean Moss
Keesey John S.
Keesey Joseph M.
Keesey Katie F. H.
Keesey Lawrence H.
Keesey M. Elizabeth
Keesey Mabel L. C.
Keesey Mary Belle
Keesey Mattie G. - pic2
Keesey Michael Savage West
Keesey Mildred J.
Keesey Myra E.
Keesey N. Crystal
Keesey Nellie B.
Keesey Norma Pearl
Keesey Robert L.
Keesey Roy W.
Keesey Sara J.
Keesey Unknown Agnes
Keesey Walter O. H.
Keesey Walter Thomas
Keesey Wilma Schafer
Keller Richard L.
Keller Sharon K.
Kimmons Evelyn R.
Kimmons Robert N.
Kinard Blanch S.
Kinard James F. - pic2
Kinard John B. - pic2
Kinard John W.
Kinard Lillie A. - pic2
Kinard Luther T. W.
Kinard Mabel E.
Leffler Charles E.
Leffler Ruth E.
Lighty Brian K.
Lighty Titus S.
Lutz Blanche M.
Lutz Evelyn Barnett
Lutz J. Maynard - pic2
Lutz Janet F.
Lutz Kenneth Maynard
Lutz Melvin Nelson
Lutz Mildred E.
Lutz Nelson O.
Lutz Norman E.
Maffet Andrew - pic2
Maffet Elizabeth T. - pic2
Markline Robert L.
McAlister Amanda J. Wilson - pic2
McAlister Blanche Neel - pic2
McAlister Helen P. - pic2
McAlister Mary Elizabeth - pic2
McAlister Unknown
McAlister Wm. N. - pic2
McAllister Edith H.
McAllister S. Gilbert
McAllister Samuel A.
McCullough Nora Dale
McCullough Nora E.
McCullough Woodrow
McDonald Catharine
McDonald Elizabeth J.
McDonald John
McDonald Thomas B.
McKinsey Martha R.
McKinsey William F.
Montgomery Elizabeth Ann
Moss Donald Walbert
Moss Thelma Ellis
Orwig Helen A. L.
Orwig Luther W.
Paules Elwood R.
Paules Ervin E.
Paules Laura I.
Paules Millie A.
Paules William J.
Pepe Jean Rehmeyer
Rehmeyer Elizabeth M.
Rehmeyer Glenn E.
Robinson Arnold
Robinson Margaret
Robinson Myrtle
Russell Geary Otho
Schnetzka Arlene T. - pic2
Schnetzka Harold A. - pic2
Schnetzka John J. - pic2
Schnetzka Joyce A. - pic2
Shaffer Clara E.
Shaffer Perry N.
Stabley Ranbel Lee
Stewart James
Stewart Mary J.
Stine Elva M.
Stine Mary Ann
Stine Miriam K.
Stine Robin D.
Stine Truman B.
Stine Willis L.
Taylor Arthur B.
Taylor Geraldine A.
Taylor John R.
Taylor Roy B.
Taylor Susan Mae
Thompson Gertrude E. - pic2
Thompson Jane L. - pic2
Thompson Nellie K. C. - pic2
Thompson William E. - pic2
Thompson William L. - pic2
Tompkins Harry C.
Tompkins Pearl M.
Trout J. Cecil
Trout Jessie E.
Trout Lenora E.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
W. E. D.
Wallace Andrew
Wallace Catharine A. - pic2
Wallace Helen Margaret
Wallace J. Grant - pic2
Wallace James W. - pic2
Wallace Jennet - pic2 - pic3
Wallace John T. - pic2
Wallace L. S. Fergus
Wallace Maggie B. - pic2
Wallace Mary A. - pic2
Wallace Mattie G. - pic2
Wallace Millie A. - pic2
Wallace Robert G. - pic2
Wallace Sarah A. - pic2
Wallace Unknown - pic2
Wallace Unknown - pic2
Wallace William - pic2 - pic3
Wilson Blanche - pic2
Wilson Della - pic2
Wilson Edna A. - pic2
Wilson Florence R. - pic2
Wilson Herman W.
Wilson John A. - pic2
Wilson Sarah E. - pic2
Wilson William F. - pic2
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