Heindel Cemetery


North Codorus Township

York County, Pennsylvania


Page updated February 7, 2010


Cemetery photographed August 25, 2009  

Contributed by Harry Senft and

transcribed by Stacey May


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   Tombstone Images


Basehore Eliza Catharine
Bob Adam
Bopp Sarah
Brenneman Elizabeth - pic2
Brenneman George
Brenneman Infant - pic2
Brenneman Julianna - pic2
Brenneman Louisa - pic2
Bupp Margaret
Bupp Mary F.
Bupp William
Croll Elizabeth
Croll John W. - pic2
Croll Sophia - pic2
Croll William - pic2
Emig Sophia
Eppley Mary Ann
Falkenstine Henrietta E.
Gladfelter Charles V.
Gladfelter David
Gladfelter James B.
Gladfelter John P.
Glatfelter Joseph
Gross Noah
Heindel Anna Catharine
Heindel Henrich
Heindel Jacob
Heindel John
Heindel Lawrence
Heindel Leah
Heindel Susanna
Husan Ann Maria
Husan Anna R.
Husan Michael
Husan Susan
Husson Catharine
Husson Daniel
Karnbau Infant
Karnbau Valentine
Kornbau Amelia
Kornbau Mary A.
Kornbau Sarah
Kornbau Sarah A.
Kroll Washington
Lau Caroline
Matson George
Matson Urias
Matson William I.
Miller John
Miller Mary Magdelene
Neff Eliza
Neff John
Pfisterer Willie
Pfleiger Geo.
Pfleiger Margaret
Robinson Henry
Rohrbaugh Amanda R.
Rohrbaugh Daniel
Rohrbaugh Infant Dau. - pic2
Rohrbaugh Mary C.
Rohrbaugh Otto S. - pic2
Schriver Amanda R. - pic2
Schriver Samuel A. - pic2
Seitz Catharina Erhardin
Shickley Elizabeth
Shindler Sarah A.
Smith David
Smith Enoch
Smith Margaret
Smith Susanna
Steiner Peter
Sweitzer George
Sweitzer John Q. A.
Sweitzer Matilda
Sweitzer Peter
Trimmer Ellen R.
Unknown Georg
Unknown Unknown-0
Unknown Unknown-1
Unknown Unknown-2
Unknown Unknown-3
Unknown Unknown-4
Unknown Unknown-5
Warner Arabella
Wilhelm Ellen A.
Wilhelm Hiram Clinton
Wolf Elizabeth
Wolf Peter
Zarlaut E.
Zech Elizabeth
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