Garber Mennonite Cemetery 

Menges Mills

York County, Pennsylvania


Page created November 26, 2010


This marker erected in memory of three Unknown Soldiers of the American Revolutionary Army while under the command of General Anthony Wayne 1777-1781 who died while in encampment at Hersheys Hill side to the west from here and are buried at this spot.  Erected 1937 by Harry E. Bare, Jacob Hershey & Chas. E. Hoke

This cemetery was photographed and contributed by

Harry Senft and transcribed by Kathy Francis


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   Tombstone Images

Asper Daniel
Asper Sarah
B. D.
B. E.
B. I.
B. S.
Baer Annie B. - pic2
Baer Gloria E.
Baer Harry B. - pic2
Baer Lydia A.
Baer Martin H. - pic2
Baer Sterling E.
Baer Velma W.
Baker Ada
Baker Daniel F.
Baker Dorothy M.
Baker Mary A.
Baker Mary Ann
Baker Samuel
Bayer Daniel
Bayer Henrich
Bayer Rebecca
Beshore Susan
Blasser Mary
Boyer Andrew - pic2
Boyer Daniel
Boyer Daniel
Boyer Elizabeth
Boyer George W.
Boyer Henry
Boyer Henry
Boyer Lucy Ann
Boyer Lucy Ann - pic2
Boyer Maria
Boyer Nathaniel H.
Boyer Regina
Boyer Samuel
Boyer Sarah
Bringman Reuben
Burgard Frances R.
Burgard Michael B.
Burkhart Elisabeth
Burkhart Jacob
Burkholder Elizabeth C.
Burkholder Janet Louise - pic2
Burkholder Orvin H.
Burkholder Oscar H.
Burkholder Pauline A.
Burkholder Thomas H.
D. R.
Danner Emma L.
Danner John F.
Danner Lydian S.
Danner Jr.Solomon
Diehl Lillie M.
Diehl Wilbur S.
Dreiber Rudolph
Dubbs Daniel F.
Dubbs Mahela
Dubbs Mamie R.
Dubs Amanda B.
Dubs Amanda E.
Dubs Harry E.
Dubs Jacob
Dubs Jacob M.
Dubs John J.
Dubs Lucy
Dubs Raymond H.
Dubs Samuel F.
Forry Elizabeth
Forry George
Forry George B. - pic2
Forry Henry - pic2
Forry Kate - pic2
Forry Magdalena
Forry Nancy
Forry Peter
Gerber Abraham
Gerber Veronica
Gotwalt Eli
Gotwalt Mary A.
Gregory Mary H.
Gregory Richard M.
Grim Sr.Joseph Ray
H. A.
H. S.
Haar Harvey S.
Haar Infant
Haar Katie
Harmony Charles W.
Harmony Sarah M.
Herschy Christian
Herschy Elisabeth Mumma
Herschy Johannes
Herschy Magdalena Roth
Herschy Sarah
Hershey Barbara
Hershey Benjamin
Hershey Harriet
Hershey Harry T.
Hershey J. Jacob - pic2
Hershey John F. - pic2
Hershey John F.
Hershey Joseph
Hershey Minnie B. - pic2
Hershey Susan M. - pic2
Hershy John
Hershy John R.
Hershy Joseph R.
Hershy Mary Magdalena
Hiestand Baltzer
Hock Anamaria
Hock Barbara Fischel
Hoke Anna Martin
Hoke Catharine
Hoke Ellen
Hoke Frank
Hoke George
Hoke Joseph
Hoke Joseph
Hoke Mary Ann
Hoke Mary V.
Hoke Michael
Hoke Sarah
Horner Mandilla
Hursh Evelyn V.
Hursh John F.
Jacobs Julia
Jones Minnie H.
King Eli
King Emma S.
King Estella A.
King Kleison J.
Lillich Amanda
Lillich John
Loose Annie K.
Loose Harry E.
Loose Harry H.
Loose Mary
Martin Doris F. Risser
Martin Elizabeth S. - pic2
Martin Florence E. - pic2
Martin Jesse Wayne
Martin William H. - pic2
Martin William H.
Miller Ada R.
Miller Samuel R.
Moul Sarah
Mummert George M. - pic2
Mummert Mary E. - pic2
Parson Magdalena
Riddel Lois Jean
Riddle Blanche T.
Riddle Lydia S.
Riddle Quinton H.
Riddle Raymond H.
Ruppert Arlamae
Ruppert Catherine
Ruppert Earl L.
Ruppert Harry
Ruppert Rocky Allen
Senft Stewart E.
Senft Unknown
Sheaffer Jacob
Sheaffer Levi
Sheaffer Nancy
Shireman Effa Susan
Sprenkle David B.
Sprenkle Elizabeth
Sprenkle Emanuel B.
Sprenkle George
Sprenkle Lydia
Sprenkle Mary
Stambaugh Amos E.
Stambaugh Cecelia H.
Stambaugh Sarah - pic2
Stump Jerry N.
Stump Katie A.
Swemly Jacob
Swemly Sarah E.
Unknown Caleb S.
Unknown Christian
Unknown Elizabeth
Unknown Hannah
Unknown Infant
Unknown Johannes
Unknown Magdalena
Unknown Samuel
Unknown Susan
Unknown Unknown-0
Unknown Unknown-1
Unknown Unknown-10
Unknown Unknown-11
Unknown Unknown-12
Unknown Unknown-13
Unknown Unknown-14
Unknown Unknown-15
Unknown Unknown-2
Unknown Unknown-3
Unknown Unknown-4
Unknown Unknown-5
Unknown Unknown-6
Unknown Unknown-7
Unknown Unknown-8
Unknown Unknown-9
Waltersdorff Arabella - pic2
Waltersdorff J. C. - pic2
Waltersdorff S. A. - pic2
Wantz Lydia
Weaver David G.
Weaver Orpha W.
Yohe George W.
Yohe Hettie E.
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