Deaths - 1880 Mortality Schedule - Penn 

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Contributed by: Donald Buncie
October 2021


Name                  Age   Sex  Status POB      Father POB  Mother POB Occupation       Month  Cause             Years Res  Attending Physician
Baker, Johnathan      79     M     W    PA                              Laborer           Jan   Dropsy
Fuoss, Robert         10m    F     S    Germany  Germany     Germany                      May   Cholera Merbis         8d    Lemuel Offeitt
Griffeth, Emery*      3      M     S    PA       PA          PA                           Sep   Entero Colitis          3    Lemuel Offeitt
Harholtz, Emma        2m     F     S    PA       Germany     Germany                      Oct   Brain Fever                  Lemuel Offeitt
Heasly, Elizabeth     87     F     W    PA                              Keeping House     Feb                          87    A B Mitchell
Heoff, Welmina        57     F     M    Germany  Germany     Germany                      Jun   Paralysis              34    Lemuel Offeitt
Hershy, Mary E        33     F     M    PA       PA          PA         Keeping House     Mar   Heart Disease          32    J I Merchant
Hoy, Joseph           59     M     W    PA       PA          PA         Tailor            May   Chronic Diarrhea       59    Rugh
Hursh, Christina      5      F     S    PA       PA          PA                           Apr   Measles                 5    Humphreys
Infant*                      M     S    PA                   IL                           May   Still Born                   Lemuel Offeitt
Kistler, Samuel       39     M     M    PA       PA          PA         Coal Miner        Dec   Explosion of Fridamp   29
Klingensmith, Cora M  8m     F     S    PA       PA          PA                           Apr   Meningitis                   Lemuel Offeitt
Lauffer, Walter       5d     M     S    PA       PA          PA                           Apr   Unknown                      Offet
Loughner, Charles     5      M     S    PA       PA          PA                           Sep   Diphtheria              5    Loughry
McKlveen, Infant             M     S    PA       PA          PA                           Dec   Still Born                   Lemuel Offeitt
Menz, Thomas          6m     M     S    PA       Germany     Germany                      Jul   Summers Complaint            Humphreys
Morgan, William       2      M     S    PA       England     England                      Apr   Measles                 2    Humphreys
Mull, John            74     M     M    PA                              Laborer           Jun   Dropsy                 74    A B Mitchell
Mull, Susan           71     F     W    PA                              Keeping House     Nov   Paralysis              71    A B Mitchell
Naly, Martin          74     M     S    PA       PA          MD         Farmer            Nov   Congestion of Liver    74    A B Mitchell
Shearer, Joseph       71     M     M    PA       PA          PA         Shoemaker         Apr   Dropsy                 71    Loughry
Simmons, Mary         47     F     M    England  England     England                      Apr   Consumption            25    Lemuel Offeitt
Smith, Carrie         2m     F     S    PA       PA          PA                           Jul   Dysentery
Spor, Margaret        23     F     M    PA       Germany     Germany                      Oct   Uraessia                     Lemuel Offeitt
Walthour, James       9m     M     S    PA       PA          PA                           Mar   Pneumonia                    Loughry

Enumerator: R A Hope
The two names shown with * were obtained from Dr Offeitt. The case of the infant was supposed to be illegitimate the mother having come to town to board
until her child was born and was a stranger in the neighborhood. The other death with the * was reportedly the *** as having been occasioned by the refusal of the mother to allow
the aid of art in obtaining delivery.