Deaths - 1880 Mortality Schedule - North Huntingdon 

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Contributed by: Donald Buncie
October 2021


Name                 Age      Sex  Status POB        Father POB  Mother POB  Occupation       Month  Cause             Years Res  Attending Physician
Altman, Abner W      21        M     S    US         Germany     Germany     RR Employee       Oct   Typhoid fever                M F Sowash
Ayers, Lillian       1y9m      F     S    PA         PA          PA                            Aug   Cholera Infantum        1    J S Long
Bellows, John        9m        M     S    PA         PA          PA                            Aug   Scrofula               9m    Derwin Taylor
Brown, Louisa        52y2m     F     M    PA         PA          PA          House Keeper      Oct   Cancer of Breast       32    J I Marchand
Brush, Amanda        30y6m     F     M    PA         PA          PA          House Keeper      Jul   Disease of Liver       16    J S Long
Calighan, Robert     26y3m     M     S    Scotland   Scotland    Scotland    Coal Miner        Jan   Kidney Disease          8    John Taylor & others
Curry, Wm            63y11m    M     W    PA         PA          PA          Coal Miner        Feb   Typhoid fever           8    J I Marchand
Dailey, Elizabeth    18y8m     F     S    PA         PA          PA          House Keeper      Feb   Consumption            18    J I Marchand
Detar, Caroline R    14        F     S    US         Germany     Germany                       Aug   Cancer Pancreas              M F Sowash
Goehring, C W        85y4m     M     W    Germany    Germany     Germany     Tailor            Dec   Apoplexy               60
Hamilton, Samuel     64y2m     M     M    Ireland    Ireland     Ireland     Coal Miner        Mar   Crushed by Slate       25    John Taylor
Harkins, John        43y3m     M     M    OH         PA          Ireland     Coal Miner        Mar   Heart Disease          15    J Taylor
Henry, Angela M      7m        F     S    PA         US          US                            Aug   Cholera Infantum             J I McCormick
Herbert, Sarah       3y5m      F     S    PA         England     England                       May   Tumor Peritonitis       3    John Taylor
Hindman, Lyda C      2y5m      F     S    PA         PA          PA                            Dec   Inflamatory Croup       2    J I Marchand
Jenkings, Robert     8y6m      M     S    PA         Wales       PA                            Apr   Colitis                 8    J I McCormick
Johnson, George      10m       M     S    PA         Sweden      Sweden                        May   Scarlet Fever          10m   Sowash
Jones, John          32        M     S    Wales      Wales       Wales       Coal Miner        Aug   Asthma                       S S Stewart
Learn, Harvey B      1m        M     S    PA         US          US                            Sep   Enteritis
Leffler, Elizabeth   31y3m     F     M    PA         PA          PA          House Keeper      Dec   Dropsy                 25    J I Marchand
Lenhart              1m        F     S    PA         Germany     Germany                       Sep   Bronchitis                   M F Sowash
McCullough, Edward   28        M     S    Ireland    Ireland     Ireland     Mine Driver       Dec   Erysipelas                   J I Marchand
Millberg, Amel       23y4m     M     S    Sweden     Sweden      Sweden      Coal Miner        Feb   Liver Complaint        12    J I Marchand
Murtz                3m        F     S    PA         Germany     Germany                       Apr   Hemorrhage                   S S Stewart
Obourn, Lyda         17y6m     F     M    PA         PA          PA          House Keeper      Jul   Consumption            17    John Taylor
Peterson, Esther     5y3m      F     S    PA         Sweden      Sweden                        Feb   Black Measles           5    Humphreys
Peterson, Stephen    46y11m    M     M    Sweden     Sweden      Sweden      Coal Miner        Aug   Disease of Brain       10    J I McCormick
Powelson, Sarah      11y6m     F     S    PA         PA          PA          House Keeper      Mar   Heart Disease          11    Derwin Taylor
Price, Mary          39y9m     F     M    Ireland    Ireland     Ireland     House Keeper      Jun   Cancer of Breast       20    Kifer
Ramsey, William      1m        M     S    PA         Scotland    England                       May   Hemorrhage             1m    Sowash
Stewart, James M L   3         M     S    PA         US          US                            Nov   Falling Body                 S S Stewart
Stuart, Sarah        3m        F     S    PA         US          US                            Nov   Lung Disease                 S S Stewart
Weston, Thomas H     10y5m     M     S    PA         PA          PA                            Mar   Dropsy                 10    Jos McKee
Whitehead, Simon     25        M     M    US         England     England     Farmer            Oct   Typhoid fever                M F Sowash

Enumerator: W A Bowling