Deaths - 1880 Mortality Schedule - Greensburg 

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October 2021


Name                     Age     Sex   Status  POPB         Father POB   Mother POB   Occupation           Month  Cause                               Years Res Attending Physician
Abercrombe, Jane         64       F      W     PA           PA           PA           Washing               May   Apoplexy                               64     J W A Kemerer
Armstrong, Isabell       92       F      W     Ireland      Ireland      Ireland                            Apr   Old Age                                61     W G Lomison
Baer, Mary               52       F      M     PA           PA           PA           Keeping House         Jun   Heart Disease                          52     J W Anawalt
Ball, Edwin J            14       M      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Apr   Scarlet Fever                          14     D D Porch
Blaine, Emma M           28d      F      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Apr   Inflamation of Bowels
Boice, Mark R            64       M      M     PA           NY           CT           House Carpenter       Apr   General Debility                       49     W G Lomison
Chisholm, Alexander      40       M      M     Canada       England      England      Coal Miner            Mar   ** ** Blood Vessels                     8     W G Lomison
Clark, Thomas H          33       M      S     PA           PA           PA           Barber                Nov   Pistol Shot                             5     W G Lomison
Clarke, Susan            75       F      W     PA           Ireland      PA           Keeping House         Aug   Bronchitis Affection                   55     J W Anawalt
Cline, Lewis M           65       M      M     PA           PA           PA           ** Leather            Jul   Dimentia                               59
Collier, Elmer           14       M      S     PA           PA           PA           No Occupation         Jun   By fall of coal upon him               14
Deafenbaugh, Ann         90       F      W     England      England      England      General House Work    Jul   Bronchitis                             40     J W A Kemerer
Derrer, William          16       M      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Nov   Leg crushed under *** and amputated     4     J W Anawalt
Dougherty, John          54       M      S     Ireland      Ireland      Ireland                            Apr   Heart Disease
Everrett, John           1 m      M      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Aug   Cholera Infantum                              J W A Kemerer
Fishell, Henry J         84       M      M     PA           PA           PA           Farmer                Jul   Dropsy & Diseased Kidneys              60     W G Lomison
Kuhns, Ella B            17       F      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Jul   Burned to death by clothes catching    17     W G Lomison
Laird, John A            3        M      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Dec   Croup                                   3     Crawford
McCass, Sarah            48       F      S     PA           PA           PA           Keeping House         Feb   Consumption                            48     W G Lomison
McClain, Emma T          10 m     F      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Jul   Cholera Infantum                       10m    J W Anawalt
McCoskey, John           57       M      M     PA           PA           PA           Laborer               Jun   Pulmonary Consumption                  47     J W A Kemerer
Reiley, Mary             65       F      M     Ireland      Ireland      Ireland      Keeping House         Apr   Chronic Rheumatism                     30     D A Aster
Rhey, James H            53       M      M     PA           PA           PA           Supt on RR            Oct   Dilerium Tremors                      2y 6m   W G Lomison
Rowles, Elizabeth        65       F      W     Ohio         Virginia     Virginia                           Jun   Apoplexy
Stark, Gotlieb           80       M      M     Wurtemberg   Wurtemberg   Wurtemberg   Wagon Maker           Jun   Asthma                                 62     No Physician
Welty, James B           50       M      M     PA           PA           PA           Book Keeper           Jan   Enlargement of Stomach                 50     W G Lomison
Zimmerman, Wm P H        28       M      S     PA           PA           PA                                 May   Brain Fever                            28     J W Anawalt

Physicians advise to write as to Disease or cause of death in regard to cases *** line 9, Paralysis of the Heart, line 11 Sinela Bronchitis, inflamation of brain, line 23 shock & exhaustion.
At time of death occupied a room in house not otherwise occupied by a family - he was related to family 161 (Boice) and had some time before, boarded with it.
In regard to case on line 26, while cause of death is, doubtless, correctly stated, it may be well to state that it is not a case of suicide but of death from a shot of a pistol in the hands of
another at the close of a quarrel in regards to money at stake in a game of cards.

Ludwick Borough
Brush, Sarah W           5m       F      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Sep   Cholera Infantum                        1     Jos B Kemmerer
Good, Maggie F           1        F      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Mar   Pneumonia                               1     N A Asters
Gordon, Mitchell         52       M      M     PA           PA           PA           Laborer               Aug   Consumption                            52     W I K Kline
Gordon, Savannah         49       F      M     PA           PA           PA                                 Mar   Erysipelas                             49     W I K Kline
Huey, George             1        M      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Sep   Diptheria                               1     Heath
Jones, Jacob S           29       M      M     PA           PA           PA                                 Apr   Illegible                                     J W Anawald
Maxwell, Minnie M        11m      F      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Apr   Inflamation of Bowels                  11m    W I K Kline
McQuaide, Thomas         73       M      M     PA           PA           PA           Farmer                Feb   Pneumonia                              73     J W Anawald
McQuaide, William        23       M      S     PA           PA           MD           Farmer                Dec   Tubercula Consumption                  23     J W Anawald
Meanes, John M           4        M      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Jan   **** Hydrocephalus                      4     J S Crawford
Meanes, John M           4        M      S     PA           PA           PA                                 Jan   **** Hydrocephalus                      4     J S Crawford
Medsger, Amed E          1        F      S     PA           PA           OH                                 Jun                                           1
Morgon, John D           63       M      M     PA           Whales       Whales                             Jan   Degeneration ** Arteries               3m     J W Anawald
Reed, James              56       M      M     PA           PA           PA           Laborer               Nov   Diabetes                               56     No Physician
Riminger, John W         Abt 24   M   Unknown  PA           Unknown      Unknown      Tramp                 Jun   Railroad injury                               Jos B Kemmerer
Young, Margaret          74       F      W     PA           PA           PA                                 Nov   *** valves of heart                    74     J W Anawald

Enumerator: Lev Cline