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Shade Township, Somerset County, PA

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Tombstone Inscriptions

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Abbreviation s/s = Shares stone with

Boyer, Harry M.;  Oct 10, 1927--Oct 13, 1927

Boyer, William C.;  aged 38ys & 29ds--May 20, 1891

Dull, Anetta;  aged 3ys, 6ms, 10ds--Jan 25, 1870;  dau of W. & E. Dull

Dull, Emily M.;  July 11, 1837--Aug 14, 1908;  s/s William Dull

Dull, Jesse S.;  May 7, 1868--Oct 23, 1880;  son of W. & E. Dull

Dull, Rebecca;  aged 1yr, 11ms, 10ds--Mar 18, 1863;  dau. of W. & E. Dull

Dull, Sidney P.;  June 16, 1863--July 29, 1880;  son of W. & E. Dull

Dull, William;  Mar 22, 1832--Jan 28, 1913;  s/s Emily M. Dull, his wife

Lohr, E. J.;  vet, Co B 54 Pa Inf

Slick, Charlotte A.;  Jan 26, 1803--Mar 26, 1873;  wife of J. Slick; s/s Jessie Slick

Slick, Ellen C.;  1840--1909

Slick, Henry;   vet, Co A 112 ILL Inf

Slick, Jessie;  Mar 3, 1803--Dec 22, 1893;  s/s Charlotte A. Slick

Slick, Nellie J.;  1882--1898


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