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Potter County Archives Index Page


Filename Description File Size Date Submitter
Area History
Bible Records
Cemetery Records
1840vetpen01.txt 1840 : Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service 2 kb Jun 1999 Jerry Dittman
Church Records
Family History
Land Records & Deeds
Military Records
dibble-lw.txt DIBBLE, Lewis W. 1831-1890 8 kb Jul 2002 Janet Wilkinson Schwartz
Miscellaneous Records & Photos
Newspaper Articles
cook-lewis1918.txt COOK, Lewis Andrew 1918 1 kb Nov 2009 Joy Fisher
douglas-edmund1981.txt DOUGLAS, Edmund K., Galeton RD, 1981 1 kb Nov 2009 Pat Smith
gleason3190gob.txt GLEASON, Charles September 12, 1973 1 kb Dec 2007 Jayme Anderson
habermehl-harriet-b.txt HABERMEHL, Harriet Bertha (DARRIN) 2002 2 kb Oct 2004 Gayle Thomson
jones-clair1975.txt JONES, Clair L., Coudersport 1975 1 kb Nov 2009 Pat Smith
smith-velma-r1977.txt SMITH, Edith Velma 1977: Coudersport 2 kb Apr 2005 Mary Predmore
white-lawrence1975 .txt WHITE, J. Laurence, Harrison Valley, 1975 1 kb Nov 2009 Pat Smith
School Records
Tax Records
Vital Records
1885marr01.txt Some Potter County, PA Marriages, 1885-87 10 kb May 1998 Sandy Jensen
sonnekalb-darrin.txt DARRIN, Helen Jane - SONNEKALB, William McKinley, 1937: Coudersport 2 kb Oct 2004 Gayle Thomson


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