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Filename Description Date Submitter
roberts100.html Ellwood Roberts' Biographical Annals: 1904 Sep 2002 Joe Patterson and Susan Walters
dehaev0001.txt Biographical Notes on the DeHaven Family in America, 1698 - Sep 1997 Joe Patterson
dehawm001.txt Biographical Notes on William Dehaven, Philidelphia/Montgomery Co, 1714-1784 Sep 1997 DeHaven-L
dehavj0001.txt Biographical Notes on John Dehaven, Philidelphia/Montgomery Co, 1713-1812 Sep 1997 DeHaven-L
dehavs0001.txt Biographical Notes on Samuel Dehaven, Philidelphia/Montgomery Co, 1724-1815 Sep 1997 DeHaven-L
dott01.txt Henry Sassaman Dotterer, 1841-1903 Oct 1996 Linnea Miller
koon0001.txt Kunts/Kuntz/Koons Family History May 1997 Bob Wilson
pott0001.txt Henry and David, Jr. Potts 1795-1860: Chester and Montgomery Counties Oct 1997 Marie Malark
scheidt638gbs.txt Scheidt, Johann Christian 1736 - 1821 Jul 2010 Neil Scheidt
smit0001.txt Sebastian Schmidt/Smith c. 1700-1750 Jun 1997 Robert E. Smith
wage0001.txt Wager Family History Apr 1997 John Wager

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