Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens
Lawrence County Pennsylvania 1897


[p. 252] This enterprising, wide-awake young man has acquired for himself a prominent position in the business interests of Ellwood City and Lawrence County, and is closely identified with the commercial life of the city and its vicinity as the manager and superintendent of the Ellwood Lumber Co. He was born Dec. 5, 1868, in Mercer County, where his father, Jacob Wheildon, was a mechanic. Our subject is a busy man, and lack of proper opportunities prevented him from furnishing a biography in minute detail, so we will have to dismiss the subject of his ancestry and his father's life with the few foregoing remarks.

The Ellwood Lumber Co. is officered as follows: E. Carlton of Cleveland, Ohio, president; Louis Heller, Youngstown, Ohio, vice-president; L. F. Phillips, secretary and treasurer; and Albert B. Wheildon, manager and superintendent. The company, which manufactures lumber for contract woodwork, was established in 1894, and the plant was built on a part of the Nye farm, located on Franklin and Highland Avenues, with a frontage of 208 feet on Franklin Avenue, 205 on Highland Avenue, 295 feet on Railroad Street, and the same on the alley. On the same lot there is also a two-story dwelling house and office. The mill is supplied with steam power, which is generated in a fifty horse-power boiler, and harnessed for service in an engine to correspond; the machinery is like what is generally found in mills of the sortómachines for planing, moulding, resawing, etc. The mill employs five men and sometimes more, and since Mr. Wheildon assumed the management in 1896, the business has increased in volume to a surprising extent, not even warranted by the large amount of building going on in Ellwood City.

Mr. Wheildon's previous business experience has fitted him for his present position, as he began to deal in lumber when a young man, having charge of a mill in Mercer County, where he still owns some real estate. Associating himself with T. J. Wright, he built several houses, which he sold to new residents, and cleared a comfortable sum of money. He is a patriotic citizen of Ellwood City, and a firm believer in the city's continued growth and prosperity, and as an evidence of his belief we need only point to his valuable real estate investments in building-lot property, located in advantageous positions. He is a Republican and likes to discuss politics when he has time to talk, but, to use a modern term, he is too much of a "hustler" to be looking for an office to come his way. Mr. Wheildon chose for his wife Lolla, Marsteller, daughter of James Marsteller of Fredonia, Mercer Co., Pa., and they have four interesting childrenóWilliam Clarence, Florence L., Lillian, and Stanley Elwood.

Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Lawrence County Pennsylvania
Biographical Publishing Company, Buffalo, N.Y., 1897

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