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marriage564gnw.txtMarriage of Miss Virginia ATKINS to Dr Wm J. TOWNSEND, 1829Aug 2009Lynn Beatty
aunt-betsy.txt Aunt Betsy Townsend. 1908: Tells how things were many years ago. Jan 2006 M. Tolentino & Delores Mollohan-Hartman
bailey1941.txt BAILEY, Mrs. Clifford: shower, 1941 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
bailey1941a.txt BAILEY, Mrs. Clifford former Annette RUMBAUGH: shower, 1941 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
barnes001.txt BARNES, John - Man who shot wife has slight chance to recover, 1923  Oct 2005 Marilyn Tolentino
bethany.txt Bethany Fiesta Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
biddings.txt BIDDINGS, William charged with murder of Lavinia HILL, 1922 Feb 2004  Patricia Homlish
ornd0001.txt BLACK, Melvin (20) murdered, 1936, Connellsville May 1999 Barbara Snyder
bortner.txt BORTNER, Miss Flora J. -estate Jan 2007 Lynn Beatty
marriage565gnw.txtMarriage of Pauline Playford BOYLEAug 2009Lynne Beatty
broadford.txt BROADFORD NEWS Connellsville Daily News, 1922 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
brbrni.txt BRODERICK, Discharged, BEATTY In Germany, NICHOLSON in New York, 1919 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
brownfield.txt Brownfield Church choir - Christmas program, 1939 Feb 2006 Kathy Johnson
burley.txt BURLEY Boys' Death Due To Reckless Shooting, 1919 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
cunnpj.txt CUNNINGHAM, Patrick J. - Arrives Newport News, 1919 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
prenup.txt DILS, Lauretta & ROMESBURG, Raymond, 1942 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
dullj.txt DULL: Prosecuted Miner Oct 2004 Sherry Shondelmyer
dutton001.txt DUTTON. Elvira Clark - 80th Birthday, 1919  Oct 2005 Marilyn Tolentino
death561gnw.txtThe death of Dempsey D. FETTS, 1929Aug 2009Lynn Beatty
maryella568gnw.txtMary Ella ELLIOTT Death April 20, 1929Aug 2009Lynn Beatty
flori01.txtFLORA, George, deathOct 2008B. Jones & J. Flora
fry001.txt FRY, Matthias - Tavern License Petition Sep 2008 R. Lockhart
alonzoch560gnw.txtDeath of Alonzo C. HAGANAug 2009Lynne Beatty
lakelynn.txt James HALL recovering, 1938 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
hall02.txt HALL, James D. promoted, 1942 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
hallj.txt HALL, Jessee Returns to US, 1919 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
hebbjas.txt HEBB, James - Gets Medal For Rescue Feb 2006 Kathy Johnson
hebb01.txt HEBB, Hopwood Inventor Has Paper Vending Machine Feb 2006 Kathy Johnson
launcelo562gnw.txtLauncelot Jacques March 25, 1929Aug 2009Lynn Beatty
keady.txt KEADY, A.B. - Faces charges of desertion, 1922 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
margaret566gnw.txtMargaretta Finley KNIGHT Death April 3, 1929Aug 2009Lynn Beatty
mcwowe.txt Articles on Mrs. A.K.McINTYRE,Charles WORKS & Paul WETHERELL, 1919 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
lazier1938.txt Friends honor Margaret LAZIER, 1938 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
lenning001.txt LENNING, Thomas. Horse found. Franklin Twp. 1797 Dec 2006 Lynn Beatty
lilley.txt LILLEY Has Blast Set Off In Yard, 1922 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
longjl.txt LONGANECKER, John L. - home Friday, 1919 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
loomis02.txt LOOMIS, Wm. decd. - House for Sale, 1854 Oct 2007 R. Lockhart
mankins.txt MANKINS, Daniel - Camp Maxey, TX, 1943 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
margiotti.txt MARGIOTTI, Atty. Gen. Charles J. - orders grand jury room locked Mar 2004 M. Tolentino
matthews01.txt MATTHEWS, Pvt. H.D. arrived in England, 1944 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
matthews02.txt MATTHEWS, Pvt. H.D. home, 1944 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
matthews.txt MATTHEWS, Herbert - at Fort Knox 1943 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
meritz.txt MERITZ, Jacob - sent to workhouse, 1922 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
patterson5gen.txt PATTERSON - 5 generations Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
pattersontwo.txt PATTERSON, James Conn - 2 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
congrats.txt PATTERSON, Dr. W.W. - congratualtions on birth of son, 1936 Feb 2006 Kathy Johnson
patterson01.txt PATTERSON, W.W., estate - citation granted Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
surprise1940.txt Jo PRATO & Ruth MILLER birthdays Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
moons.txt SEGOSKEY, Joe - Moonshiner The Daily courier, 1922, Jun 2004 Patricia Homlish
smft1918.txt SELANIK, MARTELLA, GRIFIN, HEROD, AMEROTO, KUCHNER - 7 Murders on trial Jun 2004 Patricia Homlish
hsdance.txt South Union H.S. Junior Prom Dance, 1939 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
speigal1938.txt SPEIGAL, Tommy, Uniontown lightweight Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
tmrb.txt STEWART, H.L., Traveling man robbed & beaten, 1919 Jun 2004 Patricia Homlish
taylor001.txt TAYLOR, Vanrenselear - runaway 1829 Jan 2007 C. Hunt
williams02.txt WILLIAMS, Polly - Murder of Polly Williams, 1810 May 2007 R. Lockhart
bridgeport01.txt Bridgeport News - 1931 Sep 2008 Harold Spaugy
confluence.txt Confluence, Daily Courier - April 1, 1931 Sep 2008 Harold Spaugy
connews.txt Connellsville News, 1919 Feb 2004 Patricia Homlish
gold-star.txt Connellsville's Gold Star Mothers Install New Officers (no date) May 2006 Teresa Vaughan
news-dawson.txt Dawson News - 1931 Sep 2008 Harold Spaugy
goldstar.jpg Photo of Connellsvill's Gold Star Mothers May 2006 Teresa Vaughan
hopwood.txt Hopwood Class party, 1940 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
list-letters.txt List of Letters left at Post Office - 1864 Nov 2006 R. Lockwood
new-mill.txt New Mill - 1797 Dec 2006 Lynn Beatty
pointmarion.txt Point Marion Party - 1939 Feb 2006 Kathy Johnson
letters.txt School Memories Uniontown, 1972 Mar 2006 Kathy Johnson
stthomas805gnw.txt St. Thomas Church November 19, 1902 Mar 2013 Mary Green Kerr
gazette-1798.txt Tax Complaint, Pittsburgh Gazette - 1798 Dec 2006 Lynn Beatty
naomiex.txt Victims of Naomi Explosion, 1907 Oct 2004 Sherry Shondelmyer
mansskel820gnw.txt Man's Skeleton Found October 17, 1930 May 2013 Kenneth Childers
unclaimed.txtUNCLAIMED LETTERS- advertised Nov 28, 1879    Dec 2008Harold Spaugy



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