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Filename Description Date Submitter
askew-w.txt William Askew, Settled in Chichester from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
banckson-a.txt Andreas Banckson; Settled in Upland area from Sweden (Arrived 1656) Aug 2004 Sandra Ferguson
beaumont.txt Beaumont Family, Of Yorkshire,England Feb 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
Davis Beaumont, 1790-1870; Store proprietor at Newtown Square Feb 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
benn0001.txt Charles P. Bennett, 1862: from Delaware Co Nov 1997 Candy Grubb
bevan-j.txt John Bevan; Settled in Haverford from Wales Aug 2004 Sandra Ferguson
buckley-jj.txt John Buckley, R., d. 1732; Purchased land from William Penn in Birmingham Twp. Jul 2009 Lew Smedley
carter-e.txt Edward Carter, Settled in Aston Township Jul 2003 Candace Roth
cheyney-j.txt John Cheyney, -1722; Family owned 1500 acres in Thornbury Jul 2003 Candace Roth
cloud-w.txt William Cloud, -1702; Settled in Concord Twp. from England Jun 2003 Candace Roth
cochran-a.txt Alexander Cochran; Settled in Nether Providence Twp. Aug 2004 Sandra Ferguson
crosby-j.txt Judge John Crosby; Owned the last 2 negro slaves held in Delaware Co Aug 2004 Sandra Ferguson
dell-t.txt Thomas Dell, -1750; Settled in Ridley Twp. from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
diehl-an.txt Albert N. Diehl, Postmaster of Essington Aug 2008 Cyndie Enfinger
dutton-j.txt John Dutton, -1693; Settled in Aston from Cheshire, England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
dutton-j1.txt John Dutton, -1693; Settled in Aston from Cheshire, England Nov 2004 Cyndie Enfinger
fairlamb-j.txt John Fairlamb, -1870; Owned stone quarries at Crum, Eidley and Naaman's Creeks Aug 2004 Sandra Ferguson
fairlamb-n.txt Nicholas Fairlamb; From England, Settled in Chester Jul 2003 Candace Roth
finigan-we.txt William E. Finigan, 1879-  ; Auditor of Darby Twp. and Plumbing Business Sep 2004 Cyndie Enfinger
garrett-as.txt Arthur Sellers Garrett, 1873-  ; Prominent in Building and Loan Industry Jun 2004 Robert E. Seeley
garrett-e.txt Eli Garrett, 1830-1886 ; Iron Man and son of Thomas Garrett UGRR Oct 2004 Robert E. Seeley
garrett-jl.txt John Lentz Garrett, 1863-  ; Lawyer of the City of Chester Mar 2004 Cyndie Enfinger
garrett-w.txt William Garrett; From England, Settled in Upper Darby, Member of Society of Friends Mar 2004 Cyndie Enfinger
joy-j.txt Jacob Joy, 1760-1839 ; Rev. War Soldier May 2006 Dan Lindley & Faith Lindley Smith
key-m.txt Moses Key; From England, Settled in Aston, Member of Society of Friends Oct 2005 Ottis Moore
larkin-j.txt John Larkin; Forgeman at Sarum Iron Works, in Thornbury Jun 2003 Candace Roth
maddock-h.txt Henry Maddock; Purchased land from William Penn in Springfield Twp. Feb 2009 lew Smedley
maris-g.txt George Maris, -1703; Early Settler in Springfield Twp. Prominent Member of Society of Friends Sep 2004 Cyndie Enfinger
martin-g.txt George Martin; (1827-1886) A founder of the Delaware Co. Medical Society Oct 2009 Lew Smedley
mills-w.txt William Mills, 1749-1842 ; Rev. War Soldier May 2006 Dan Lindley & Faith Lindley Smith
minshall-t.txt Thomas Minshall; Settled in Nether Providence in 1682 from England. Mar 2009 Lew Smedley
morton-j.txt John Morton, 1725-1777; Signer of the Declaration of Independence Apr 2003 Cyndie Enfinger
morton-j2.txt John Morton, 1725-1777; Signer of the Declaration of Independence Oct 2004 Sandra Ferguson
newlin-n1.txt Nathaniel Newlin; c. 1660-1729; Prominent in the Meetings of Friends Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
newlin-n.txt Nicholas Newlin; -1699; Immigrant from Ireland, Appointed Member of Provincial Court Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
William Penn, 1644-1718; The Ghost of William Penn: My Happiest Times I Spent in Delco by Thomas R. Smith Jan 2011 Thomas Smith
palmer-s.txt Samuel Palmer, 1852-after 1913; Chief of the Felton Fire Company of Chester Aug 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
peirce-g.txt George Peirce, 1818- ; Resident of Thornbury Twp. from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
richards.txt Richards Family Aug 2004 Sandra Ferguson
riley-r.txt Richard Riley; 1735-1820; Justice of the Peace & Associate Judge of Delaware Co. Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
rinier-hgs.txt Harry Galen RINIER, Sr.; Worked for 40+ years as custodian, truant officer, mechanic, and all around handyman for the Darby School District. Nov 2006 Karen Favorite
rodes-j.txt John Rodes/Rhodes, d. 1701; of Derbyshire, England Nov 2008 Lew Smedley
ryant-c.txt Charles Ryant, Member of Concord Meeting Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
scarlet-h.txt Humphrey Scarlet; of Chichester Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
sharples-j.txt John Sharples; Of England, Settled near Upland Aug 2004 Sandra Ferguson
sharples-j1.txt John Sharples; abt. 1624-1685, Arrived in Upland in 1682 from England. Mar 2009 Lew Smedley
simcock-j.txt Jacob Simcock, - abt. 1716; Early Settler in Ridley. Prominent Member of Society of Friends Sep 2004 Cyndie Enfinger
sipler-ph.txt Phillip Henry Sipler, 1865-after 1913; Harness Shop and Hardware Shop Businessman. Jul 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
smedley-sl.txt Samuel Lightfoot Smedley, 1832-; Chief Engineer and Surveyor of Philadelphia for 21 Years. Aug 2008 Lew Smedley
talbot-j.txt John Talbot, -1721; Land Owner in Middletown Twp. Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
taylor-t.txt Thomas Taylor, -1682; Family emigrated from Flintshire to Thornbury May 2003 Cyndie Enfinger
temple-c.txt Charles Temple, 1836-1892; Agricultural and Dairy Farmer Mar 2003 John Morris
thurlow-jj.txt John J. Thurlow, 1795-; Hotel Owner in Chester Mar 2004 John Morris
walter-g.txt Godwin Walter; Settled in Concord from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
ware.txt Ware Family, Family emigrated from England to New Jersey Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
worth0001.txt Thomas Worth, 1680's: Chester, now Delaware Co Jul 1999 Susan Peters
yearsley-j.txt John Yearsley, -1708; of Middlewich, in Cheshire, England Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson

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