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Filename Description File Size Date Submitter
bask0001.txt BASKIN(s) Family: Central PA 78 kb Feb 1998 Karen J. Lambertsen
beardfam01.txt 18th century BEARD, BLACKSTOCK and IRWIN Family Information 6 kb Mar 2006 Christopher Beard
brady-reunion-1909.txt HUGH BRADY Family Reunion, 1909 20 kb Aug 2008 Donna Cuillard
carothers-fam01.txt Andrew CAROTHERS Family History 4 kb Mar 2007 Lynn Beatty
elliott-robt-family.txt Family History Of Robert Elliott 1920 7 kb Mar 2008 Lynn Beatty
greason-fam01.txt John Caruthers GREASON Family History 7 kb Mar 2007 Lynn Beatty
hurley-james1784.txt HURLEY Family History 1784 - 7 kb Mar 2008 Gene Hurley
klin0001.txt Descendants of George KLINE, 1760-1820: Carlisle 8 kb Nov 1997 Robert L. Harris
l6300001.txt Descendants of James LAIRD 68 kb REV: Apr 2001 Tena Hanna
m2340001.txt Descendants of Andrew MACFARLANE 9 kb Oct 1999 Tena Hanna
maclay-fam.txt MACLAY Family History: Cumberland and Franklin Cos 17 kb Mar 2007 Lynn Beatty
mccu0001.txt Descendants of John McCURDY, 1701-1761: Silver Springs 62 kb Dec 1997 Jane A. Hodgson
m2340001.txt Descendants of John McDOWELL: Newville 62 kb Sep 1999 Tena Hanna
mbqfams.htm Belle Swope's 1905 McKINNEY/BRADY/QUIGLEY Families, PA html Aug 2001 David Loy
minn0001.txt Peter Daniel MINNICH/MINICK Family: Cumberland/Franklin Cos 19 kb Nov 1997 Susan E. Watts
beel0001.txt Bio: Christian PEELMAN/BEELMAN Family: Cumberland Co 6 kb Sep 1997 Jenny Vermillion
beel0002.txt PEELMAN/PIELMAN/BEELMAN Descendants: Cumberland/York Co 18 kb Sep 1997 Jenny Vermillion
s3630001.txt STEWART, Archibald 1730s - 1830s 2 kb Sep 1999 Vince Summers


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