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West Marlborough AME Church Cemetery

W. Marlborough Twp.
On Clonmell-Upland Rd. West Of Clonmell-Newark Rd.

Filename Description Date Submitter
churchruins.jpg Church Ruins
Only the stone foundations of the church remain in the woods right beside the road, along with approximately two dozen carved headstones, numerous carved footstones (with initials) and more than a dozen fieldstone markers. Numerous shallow depressions are also found throughout the small wooded lot.
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
marker.jpg Typical fieldstone marker, one of over a dozen Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
anderson-e.jpg ANDERSON, Eliza
1812 – 1896
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
atley-ml.jpg ATLEY, May L.
1880 – 1906
Wife of Elwood ATLEY
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
boyer-ha.jpg BOYER, Hannah A.
Wife of C. G. Boyer
At Rest
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
brown-j.jpg BROWN, James
d. 23 Jan 1900, Aged 58 Years
Cor., Co. C, 3 US Col. Inf. 
[GAR CW Marker]
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
daniels-s.jpg DANIELS, Susan
12 Apr 1894 - 15 Jul 1894
[Right next to headstone is footstone with initials S.D.]
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
dorsey-be.jpg DORSEY, Barbara E.
1855 – 1899
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
dorsey-jr.jpg DORSEY, John A.
Co. B, 127th Regt. PA Vol.
[GAR CW Marker]
DORSEY, Rebecca J.
1836-1910 (His Wife)
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
halicar-c.jpg HALICAR, Charles
d. 27 Mar 1902, Aged 62 Years
Priv., Co. A, 3rd Regt. USCT 
[GAR CW Marker]
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
hallinger-je.jpg HALLINGER, Julia Elizabeth
d. 10 Aug 1885, Aged 33 Years
Wife of Charles HALLINGER
“And so after she had patiently endured, she obtained the promise”
[Additional script verse is difficult to read]
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
henson-lc.jpg HENSON, Lemuel C.
28 Jun 1873 - 26 Apr 1895
A Beloved Classmate
Class of 96, L.U. [Lincoln Univ.]
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
lansdale-j.jpg LANSDALE, James
Co.C, 3rd USCT
[Govt. Issue CW Gravestone]
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
mckim-wr.jpg McKIM, William A.
d. 22 Dec 1891, Aged 16 Days
McKIM, Roland
d. 23 Dec 1891, Aged 17 Days
Sons of Ellis & Francis McKIM
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
miller-a.jpg MILLER, Annie
d. 23 May 1891, Aged 2 Mos. & 12 Days
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
miller-fm.jpg MILLER, Florence M.
d. 24 May 1893, Aged 4 Years & 13 Days
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
scott-e.jpg SCOTT, Edward
1830 – 1882, Aged 52 Years
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
aew.jpg A. E. W.
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
rhw.jpg R. H. W.
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
wright-ae.jpg WRIGHT, Alvertie E.
06 Oct 1853 - 30 Oct 1886
Wife of Frank WRIGHT Born
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
wright-e.jpg WRIGHT, Eliza
d. 11 Jun 1889?, Aged 45 Years
Wife of Robert H. WRIGHT
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
wright-ms.jpg WRIGHT, Mary Susan
17 Mar 18?? - 28? Jan 1873?
Wife of Robert Henry WRIGHT
[This stone is extremely worn]
Oct 2005 Fred Kelso

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