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St. Peter's Episcopal Church Records

Contributed to the PAGenWeb Archives by Link Davis

The images below are in need of transcription.  If you can assist by transcribing these images, please let me know.
In order to maintain readability of these handwritten documents, they have been saved at a high resolution and some files are as large 1MB which may take time to download for slower connections.

Filename Description
stpetersec001.jpg St. Peters Episcopal Book Cover
stpetersec002.jpg Church Rectors 1838-2003
stpetersec006.jpg Baptisms 1843-1845 by Rev. M. Hirst
Baptisms 1846-1849 by Rev. S. P. Nash
stpetersec007.jpg Baptisms 1849-1851 by Rev. S. P. Nash
Baptisms 1851-1852 by Rev. Sam'l Durborow
stpetersec008.jpg Baptisms 1852 by Rev. Sam'l Durborow
stpetersec009.jpg Baptisms 1852-3 by Rev. Sam'l Durborow
stpetersec010.jpg Baptisms 1853-4 by Rev. Sam'l Durborow
stpetersec011.jpg Baptisms 1854-5 by Rev. Sam'l Durborow
stpetersec012.jpg Baptisms 1855-7 by Rev. Sam'l Durborow
Baptisms 1855-6 by Geo. Alexr. Crooke
Baptisms 1856-7 by T. W. Winchester
Baptisms 1859 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec013.jpg Baptisms 1859-61 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec014.jpg Baptisms 1861-65 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec015.jpg Baptisms 1865-67 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec016.jpg Baptisms 1868-70 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec017.jpg Baptisms 1870-72 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec018.jpg Baptisms 1872-75 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec019.jpg Baptisms 1875-78 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec020.jpg Baptisms 1878-81 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec021.jpg Baptisms 1881-84 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec022.jpg Baptisms 1884-87 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec023.jpg Baptisms 1887-89 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec024.jpg Baptisms 1889-90 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec025.jpg Baptisms 1890-91 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec026.jpg Baptisms 1891-93 by W. R. Stockton
stpetersec027.jpg Baptisms 1893-94 by W. R. Stockton
Baptisms 1894-96 by Edgar Campbell
stpetersec028.jpg Baptisms 1896-98 by Edgar Campbell
stpetersec029.jpg Baptisms 1898-1900 by Edgar Campbell
stpetersec030.jpg Baptisms 1900 by Edgar Campbell
Baptisms 1900-1 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec031.jpg Baptisms 1901-2 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec032.jpg Baptisms 1902-3 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec033.jpg Baptisms 1903 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec034.jpg Baptisms 1903-4 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec035.jpg Baptisms 1904 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec036.jpg Baptisms 1905-6 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec037.jpg Baptisms 1907 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec038.jpg Baptisms 1907-8 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec039.jpg Baptisms 1907-8 by W. H. Burbank
Baptisms 1908-9 by Chas. E Betticher
stpetersec040.jpg Baptisms 1909-10 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec041.jpg Baptisms 1910 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec042.jpg Baptisms 1910-11 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec043.jpg Baptisms 1911-12 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec044.jpg Baptisms 1912 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec045.jpg Baptisms 1912-13 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec046.jpg Baptisms 1912-14 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec047.jpg Baptisms 1914-15 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec048.jpg Baptisms 1915 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec049.jpg Baptisms 1916 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec050.jpg Baptisms 1916-17 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec051.jpg Baptisms 1916-18 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec052.jpg Baptisms 1918-19 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec053.jpg Baptisms 1919-20 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec054.jpg Baptisms 1920 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec055.jpg Baptisms 1920-21 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec056.jpg Baptisms 1921-22 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec057.jpg Baptisms 1922-23 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec058.jpg Baptisms 1923-24 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec059.jpg Baptisms 1924-26 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec060.jpg Baptisms 1926-27 by F. C. Hartshorne
stpetersec061.jpg Baptisms 1927 by F. C. Hartshorne
Baptisms 1928 by W. H. Anthony
stpetersec062.jpg Baptisms 1928-29 by W. H. Anthony
stpetersec063.jpg Baptisms 1929-30 by W. H. Anthony
stpetersec064.jpg Baptisms 1930-32 by W. H. Anthony
stpetersec065.jpg Burials 1847-53
stpetersec066.jpg Burials 1853-62
stpetersec067.jpg Burials 1863-71
stpetersec068.jpg Burials 1872-80
stpetersec069.jpg Burials 1880-85
stpetersec070.jpg Burials 1885-92
stpetersec071.jpg Burials 1892-1900
stpetersec072.jpg Burials 1900-04
stpetersec073.jpg Burials 1905-08
stpetersec074.jpg Burials 1908-09
stpetersec075.jpg Burials 1909-12
stpetersec076.jpg Burials 1912-15
stpetersec077.jpg Burials 1916-19
stpetersec078.jpg Burials 1919-23
stpetersec079.jpg Burials 1923-27
stpetersec080.jpg Burials 1928-31
stpetersec081.jpg Burials 1931-33
stpetersec082.jpg Burials 1933-35
stpetersec083.jpg Burials 1935-37
stpetersec084.jpg Burials 1938-39
stpetersec085.jpg Burials 1939-41
stpetersec086.jpg Burials 1941-43
stpetersec087.jpg Marriages 1844 by Rev. M. Hirst
Marriages 1846-49 by Rev. S. P. Nash
stpetersec088.jpg Marriages 1850-51 by Rev. S. P. Nash
Marriages 1852-57 by Rev. S. Durborow
Marriages 1857-63 by Rev. W. R. Stockton
stpetersec089.jpg Marriages 1863-71 by Rev. W. R. Stockton
stpetersec090.jpg Marriages 1872-82 by Rev. W. R. Stockton
stpetersec091.jpg Marriages 1882-88 by Rev. W. R. Stockton
stpetersec092.jpg Marriages 1888-94 by Rev. W. R. Stockton
stpetersec093.jpg Marriages 1894-1900 by Edgar Campbell
stpetersec094.jpg Marriages 1900 by Edgar Campbell
Marriages 1900-02 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec095.jpg Marriages 1905-08 by W. H. Burbank
stpetersec003.jpg Parishioners 1843-1909
stpetersec004.jpg Parishioners 1843-1909
stpetersec005.jpg Parishioners 1843-1909

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