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St. John's German Reformed Church Records
(St. John's UCC)

Contributed to the PAGenWeb Archives by Link Davis

The images below are in need of transcription.  If you can assist by transcribing these images, please let me know.
In order to maintain readability of these handwritten documents, they have been saved at a high resolution and some files are as large 1MB which may take time to download for slower connections.

Filename Description
stjohnsgrc001.jpg Baptisms, 1889-92
stjohnsgrc048.jpg Baptisms, 1900-2
stjohnsgrc049.jpg Baptisms, 1902-8
stjohnsgrc050.jpg Baptisms, 1908-10
stjohnsgrc051.jpg Baptisms, 1911
stjohnsgrc052.jpg Baptisms, 1911-13
stjohnsgrc053.jpg Baptisms, 1913
stjohnsgrc054.jpg Baptisms, 1913-14
stjohnsgrc055.jpg Baptisms, 1914-15
stjohnsgrc056.jpg Baptisms, 1915-18
stjohnsgrc057.jpg Baptisms, 1918-20
stjohnsgrc058.jpg Baptisms, 1921-22
stjohnsgrc059.jpg Baptisms, 1922-23
stjohnsgrc060.jpg Baptisms, 1923-25
stjohnsgrc061.jpg Baptisms, 1925-26
stjohnsgrc062.jpg Baptisms, 1926-29
stjohnsgrc063.jpg Baptisms, 1929-30
stjohnsgrc064.jpg Baptisms, 1930-32
stjohnsgrc065.jpg Baptisms, 1932-34
stjohnsgrc066.jpg Baptisms, 1934-36
stjohnsgrc003.jpg Communicants, 1889-90
stjohnsgrc004.jpg Communicants, 1890-91
stjohnsgrc005.jpg Communicants, 1891-92
stjohnsgrc006.jpg Communicants, 1892-94
stjohnsgrc007.jpg Communicants, 1894-95
stjohnsgrc008.jpg Deaths, 1900-3
stjohnsgrc009.jpg Deaths, 1903-11
stjohnsgrc010.jpg Deaths, 1911-12
stjohnsgrc011.jpg Deaths, 1912-14
stjohnsgrc012.jpg Deaths, 1914-15
stjohnsgrc013.jpg Deaths, 1915-17
stjohnsgrc014.jpg Deaths, 1917-20, Rev. C. F. Althouse
stjohnsgrc015.jpg Deaths, 1920-22, Rev. C. F. Althouse
Deaths, 1922-23, Rev. A. A. Hartman
stjohnsgrc016.jpg Deaths, 1923-26
stjohnsgrc017.jpg Deaths, 1926-29
stjohnsgrc018.jpg Deaths, 1929-32
stjohnsgrc019.jpg Deaths, 1932-34
stjohnsgrc020.jpg Deaths, 1934-37
stjohnsgrc021.jpg Deaths, 1937-39
stjohnsgrc022.jpg Deaths, 1939-40
stjohnsgrc023.jpg Deaths, 1940-43
stjohnsgrc024.jpg Deaths, 1943-44
stjohnsgrc025.jpg Deaths, 1944-47
stjohnsgrc026.jpg Deaths, 1947-49
stjohnsgrc027.jpg Deaths, 1949-52
stjohnsgrc028.jpg Deaths, 1952, by Lee O. Worthy
Deaths, 1952-53, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc029.jpg Deaths, 1953-54, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc030.jpg Deaths, 1954-55, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc031.jpg Deaths, 1955-56, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc032.jpg Deaths, 1956-57, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc033.jpg Deaths, 1957-58, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc034.jpg Deaths, 1958-59, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc035.jpg Deaths, 1959-60, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc036.jpg Deaths, 1960-61, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc037.jpg Deaths, 1961-62, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
stjohnsgrc038.jpg Deaths, 1962-63, by Thomas M. Burns, Jr.
Deaths, 1963-64, by Richard W. Johnson
stjohnsgrc039.jpg Deaths, 1964-65, by Richard W. Johnson
stjohnsgrc040.jpg Deaths, 1965-66, by Richard W. Johnson
stjohnsgrc041.jpg Deaths, 1967-68, by Richard W. Johnson
stjohnsgrc042.jpg Deaths, 1968-70, by Richard W. Johnson
Deaths, 1970-72, by various interim ministers
Deaths, 1972, by Francis A. Leiby
stjohnsgrc043.jpg Deaths, 1972-75, by Francis A. Leiby
stjohnsgrc044.jpg Deaths, 1975-78, by Francis A. Leiby
stjohnsgrc045.jpg Deaths, 1978-80, by Francis A. Leiby
Deaths, 1980-81, by Linda S. Gruher
stjohnsgrc045.jpg Deaths, 1981-84, by Linda S. Gruher & Francis A. Leiby
stjohnsgrc046.jpg Deaths, 1984-86, by Linda S. Gruher & Francis A. Leiby
stjohnsgrc002.jpg Funerals, 1890-94
stjohnsgrc067.jpg Marriages, 1901-7
stjohnsgrc068.jpg Marriages, 1907-17
stjohnsgrc069.jpg Marriages, 1917-22
Marriages, 1922-25, by A. A. Hartman
stjohnsgrc070.jpg Marriages, 1925-34
stjohnsgrc071.jpg Marriages, 1935-40
stjohnsgrc072.jpg Marriages, 1941-46
stjohnsgrc073.jpg Marriages, 1946-52
stjohnsgrc074.jpg Marriages, 1950-51

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