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Many of the Obituaries provided have been researched with the assistance of the Chester County Historical Society
Note: Obituaries after 1922 are abstracted.

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Filename Description Date Submitter
tanner-cj.txt TANNER, C. Joseph.: 1921 Nov 2001 Marvel Bollinger Delahaye
taylor-ek.txt TAYLOR, Edward K.; 1911 Oct 2010 Wanda Casella
taylor-jwp.txt TAYLOR, John W. P.: 1918 May 2005 Dan Lindley
taylor-vm.txt TAYLOR, Verdie Mae: 1993 Jun 2005 Dan Lindley
temple-h.txt TEMPLE, Howard: 1936 Aug 2007 Barbara Rightnour
terwilleger-cj.txt TERWILLEGER, Catherine J.: 1917 Jul 2007 Dan Lindley & Helen T. Zebley
testerman-dw.txt TESTERMAN, Danie Ellen & William R.: 1961 Dec 2005 Dan Lindley
thomas-c.txt THOMAS, Clara: 1904 May 2005 Dan Lindley
thomas-mj.txt THOMAS, Morgan J.: 1865 Oct 2001 Judy Ardine
thompson-pr.txt THOMPSON, Paul R.: 1951 May 2008 Dan Lindley
thorp-j.txt THORP, John: 1933 Oct 2004 Dan Lindley
tillman-jw.txt TILLMAN, John W.: 1904 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
tinsley-r.txt TINSLEY, Roberta: 1922 Aug 2007 Dan Lindley
tinson-c.txt TINSON, Carrie: 1926 May 2005 Dan Lindley
tinson-el.txt TINSON, Edith L.: 1927 May 2005 Dan Lindley
tinson-e.txt TINSON, Edward: 1906 May 2005 Dan Lindley
tinson-fa.txt TINSON, Francis A.: 1874 May 2005 Dan Lindley
tinson-i.txt TINSON, Isaac: 1915 May 2005 Dan Lindley
tinson-lm.txt TINSON, Laura M.: 1918 May 2005 Dan Lindley
tinson-m.txt TINSON, Mary: 1901 May 2005 Dan Lindley
tinson-wa.txt TINSON, William Alexander: 1904 May 2005 Dan Lindley
tinson-wb.txt TINSON, William B.: 1920 May 2005 Dan Lindley
topoulos-a.txt TOPOULOS, Athanasios (Tom): 1952 Feb 2006 Dan Lindley
townsend-a.txt TOWNSEND, Ann: 1883 May 2008 Diana Quinones
townsend-jb.txt TOWNSEND, Joseph B.: 1883 May 2008 Diana Quinones
tregay-ge.txt TREGAY, Georgie E.: 1917 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
tregay-w.pdf TREGAY, William: 1927 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
trege-cah.txt TREGE, Carrie Ash Hayes: 1941 Dec 2006 Dan Lindley
trego-cb.txt TREGO, Clark B.: 1944 Dec 2006 Dan Lindley
trego-mes.txt TREGO, Mary Ellen Simmers: 1943 Dec 2006 Dan Lindley
tucker-sl.txt TUCKER, Samuel L.: 1867 Apr 2002 Alice Beard
tully-d.txt TULLY, Rev. David; 1916 Jun 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
twaddell-j.txt TWADDELL, John; 1885 Nov 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
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Chester County File Manager -  Cyndie Enfinger

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