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Many of the Obituaries provided have been researched with the assistance of the Chester County Historical Society
Note: Obituaries after 1922 are abstracted.

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Filename Description Date Submitter
scattergood-j.txt SCATTERGOOD, Joseph; 1890 Nov 2008 JRB
schoff-ch.txt SCHOFF, Dr. Charles H.; 1957 Jun 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
scholl-a.txt SCHOLL, Angeline: 1929 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
scholl-ag.txt SCHOLL, Annie Grubb: 1955 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
scholl-cw.txt SCHOLL, Catherine Wise: 1913 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
scholl-c.txt SCHOLL, Clara: 1939 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
scholl-j1.txt SCHOLL, Jacob: 1966 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
scholl-j.txt SCHOLL, John: 1883 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
schuchardt-g.txt SCHUCHARDT, George: 1949 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
schrack-ps.txt SCHRACK, Paul S.: 1970 May 2005 Dan Lindley
schweitzer-sk.txt SCHWEITZER, Susanna Kring: 1919 Apr 2007 Diana Quinones
scofield-em.txt SCOFIELD, Edison Mason: 1939 Apr 2006 Dan Lindley
scott-fj.txt SCOTT, Frederick Jerome: 1928 Dec 2005 Dan Lindley
scott-maw.txt SCOTT, Mary Adelaide Winton: 1930 Dec 2005 Dan Lindley
scott-tj.txt SCOTT, Thomas J.: 1973 May 2008 Dan Lindley
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