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Many of the Obituaries provided have been researched with the assistance of the Chester County Historical Society
Note: Obituaries after 1922 are abstracted.

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Filename Description Date Submitter
pasquali-c.txt PASQUALI, Cesare: 1969 May 2005 Dan Lindley
patton-c.txt PATTON, Corporal Clarence: 1944 Jul 2007 Dan Lindley
paul-m.txt PAUL, Mary: 1888 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
PAUP, Edward M.: 1945 Feb 2005 Dan Lindley
PAUP, Elizabeth L.: 1929 Feb 2005 Dan Lindley
peelo-srt.txt PEELO, Susan R. Tinsley: 1917 Aug 2007 Dan Lindley
peirce-en.txt PEIRCE, Elizabeth Nields: 1976 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
pennypacker.txt PENNYPACKER Death Notices: 1822-1870 Oct 2001 Judy Ardine
pennypacker-n.txt PENNYPACKER, Nathan: 1833 Oct 2001 Judy Ardine
perciavalle-a.txt PERCIAVALLE, Antonio: 1937 Jul 2008 Dan Lindley
peters-j.txt PETERS, John: 1770 May 2008 Cyndie Enfinger
peto-mj.txt PETO, Matthias J.: 2007 May 2007 Dan Lindley
petrosky-mb.txt PETROSKY, Mae Bunting: 1886 Sep 2007 Dan Lindley & Monica Petrosky
pierce-e.txt PIERCE, Elizabeth (nee LAWTON); 1892 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
piersol-lbp.txt PIERSOL, Laura B. Patterson: 1952 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
piersol-ct.txt PIERSOL, Charles T.: 1920 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
pitt-jm.txt PITT, John Mackey: 1906 Jan 2007 Wanda Smale
place-jd.txt PLACE, Jane D.: 1898 Apr 2002 Alice Beard
porter-h.txt PORTER, Hester: 1891 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
porter-s.txt PORTER, Samuel: 1861 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
powell-s.txt POWELL, Sarah: 1882 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
pratt-jw.txt PRATT, John W.: 1919 Mar 2007 Dan Lindley
preftakes-tn.txt PREFTAKES, Theodore N.: 1927 Jan 2005 Dan Lindley
preston-la.txt PRESTON, Lydia A.: 1886 Jul 2007 Dan Lindley
preston-la1.txt PRESTON, Lydia Ann: 1857 Jul 2007 Dan Lindley
prince-m.txt PRINCE, Malica: 1882 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
printz-bej.txt PRINTZ, Bertha E. (nee Jackson): 1918 Mar 2006 Joyce Jackson
printz-c.txt PRINTZ, Clarence: 1927 Aug 2005 Dan Lindley
prizer-l.txt PRIZER, Levi: 1875 Feb 2008 Diana Quinones
pusey-jl.txt PUSEY, Joshua L.: 1891 Sep 2003 John Morris
pyle-ch.txt PYLE, Charles H.: 1876 Sep 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
pyle-sj.txt PYLE, S. John: 1908 Sep 2006 Dan Lindley
pyle-s.txt PYLE, Samuel: 1899 Sep 2006 Dan Lindley
pyle-sb.txt PYLE, Susan B.: 1892 Sep 2006 Dan Lindley
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