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Mo Surnames

Many of the Obituaries provided have been researched with the assistance of the Chester County Historical Society
Note: Obituaries after 1922 are abstracted.

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Filename Description Date Submitter
mock-eb.txt MOCK, Eva Binder: 1932 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mock-sa.txt MOCK, Sarah Ann: 1913 Sep 2006 Dennis Walsh & Dan Lindley
mock-j.txt MOCK, James: 1909 Sep 2006 Dennis Walsh & Dan Lindley
moore-ej.txt MOORE, Eliza J.: 1901 Apr 2005 Dan Lindley
moore-gl.txt MOORE, George L.: 1889 Apr 2005 Dan Lindley
moore-h.txt MOORE, Harvey: 1913 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
moore-l.txt MOSER, Lester "Lee": 2005 May 2005 Dan Lindley
moore-ce.txt MOORE, Charles E.: 1950 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
moore-ci.txt MOORE, Clarence I.: 1916 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
moore-hd.txt MOORE, Harvey D.: 1913 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
moore-jr.txt MOORE, James R.: 1934 May 2008 Dan Lindley
moore-jh.txt MOORE, Jesse H.: 1914 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
moore-lt.txt MOORE, Rev. Leon T.: 1981 Nov 2004 Dan Lindley
moore-mob.txt MOORE, Myrtle Olena Berriman: 1965 Nov 2004 Dan Lindley
moore-w.txt MOORE, William: 1891 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
morgan-pa.txt MORGAN, Peggy A.: 2005 Jan 2005 Dan Lindley
mosbey-jh.txt MOSBEY, James H.; 1963 May 2006 Dan Lindley
mosby-j.txt MOSBY, Jemima; 1934 May 2006 Dan Lindley
moser-me.txt MOSER, Margaret E.: 1919 May 2005 Dan Lindley
mostellar-e.txt MOSTELLAR, Ernest: 1965 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-a1.txt MOSTELLER, Abraham: 1914 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-a2.txt MOSTELLER, Abraham: 1945 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ad.txt MOSTELLER, Abraham Deery: 1923 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-as1.txt MOSTELLER, Ada Stiteler: 1940 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-au.txt MOSTELLER, Aldine U.: 1939 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-as.txt MOSTELLER, Alta Sassaman: 1956 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-a.txt MOSTELLER, Annie: 1880 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-am.txt MOSTELLER, Annie M.: 1956 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-bh.txt MOSTELLER, Benjamin H.: 1941 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-bhj.txt MOSTELLER, Benjamin H., Jr.: 1941 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-cr.txt MOSTELLER, Charles R.: 1923 Sep 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-cc.txt MOSTELLER, Chester C.: 1949 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ct.txt MOSTELLER, Clara Turner: 1939 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ck.txt MOSTELLER, Clinton K.: 1920 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-cl.txt MOSTELLER, Clyde L.: 1952 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-dh.txt MOSTELLER, Daniel H.: 1972 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-de.txt MOSTELLER, David E.: 1970 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-d.txt MOSTELLER, Dewees: 1937 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-dm.txt MOSTELLER, Dorothy Mantel: 1938 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ee.txt MOSTELLER, Earl Eugene: 1974 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-eg.txt MOSTELLER, Edith G. Boorse Yost: 1990 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-e.txt MOSTELLER, Elizabeth: 1887 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ej.txt MOSTELLER, Emma J.: 1888 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-el.txt MOSTELLER, Emma L.: 1923 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-es.txt MOSTELLER, Emmaline Sophia Eavenson.: 1923 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ew.txt MOSTELLER, Ethel Walton: 1989 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-gc.txt MOSTELLER, George C.: 1890 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-gh.txt MOSTELLER, George Henry: 1903 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-gv.txt MOSTELLER, George V.: 1953 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-hj2.txt MOSTELLER, H. Jones: 1929 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-hs.txt MOSTELLER, Hannah Shimer: 1909 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-hj.txt MOSTELLER, Harvey J.: 1939 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-h.txt MOSTELLER, Henry: 1899 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-hj1.txt MOSTELLER, Herman Johnson: 1927 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-i.txt MOSTELLER, Isaac: 1869 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-j1.txt MOSTELLER, Jacob: 1909 Sep 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-jb1.txt MOSTELLER, James B.: 1953 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-j.txt MOSTELLER, John: 1907 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-jb.txt MOSTELLER, John B.: 1930 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-kms.txt MOSTELLER, Katherine M. Sweeney: 1954 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-km.txt MOSTELLER, Katie M.: 1961 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-lg.txt MOSTELLER, Laura Gilpin: 1872 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-l1.txt MOSTELLER, Leroy: 1973 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-la.txt MOSTELLER, Lida A.: 1912 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-lm.txt MOSTELLER, Lillian May Wheatley: 1929 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-l.txt MOSTELLER, Lizzie: 1950 Sep 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-le.txt MOSTELLER, Lizzie E.: 1942 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-me.txt MOSTELLER, Maggie E.: 1907 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-m1.txt MOSTELLER, Malinda: 1904 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-mt.txt MOSTELLER, Mamie Tagliber: 1990 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-m.txt MOSTELLER, Margaret Shimer: 1900 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ma.txt MOSTELLER, Martha Alma: 1956 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-mab.txt MOSTELLER, Mary A. Baum: 1942 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-mae.txt MOSTELLER, Mary Anne Elizabeth: 1916 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-mb.txt MOSTELLER, Mary Brownback: 1915 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-mc.txt MOSTELLER, Mary C.: 1892 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-mdc.txt MOSTELLER, Mary D. Custer: 1945 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-me3.txt MOSTELLER, Mary Elizabeth: 1920 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-me2.txt MOSTELLER, Mary Emma: 1936 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-me1.txt MOSTELLER, Mary Emma: 1940 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-mh.txt MOSTELLER, Melba Haldeman: 2000 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-mf.txt MOSTELLER, Morris Fussel: 1958 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-nam.txt MOSTELLER, Nan L. Mildren: 1926 Sep 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-pv.txt MOSTELLER, Park V.: 1943 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-p.txt MOSTELLER, Peninah Devote: 1906 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ra.txt MOSTELLER, Rachel Ann: 1904 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-re.txt MOSTELLER, Ralph Eavenson: 1884 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-rj.txt MOSTELLER, Rebecca J.: 1870 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-rd.txt MOSTELLER, Rosalind Dewwes: 1955 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-res.txt MOSTELLER, Ross E., Sr.: 2001 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-rc.txt MOSTELLER, Russell C.: 1980 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ss.txt MOSTELLER, Samuel S.: 1901 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-ss1.txt MOSTELLER, Saral S.: 1927 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-t.txt MOSTELLER, Theodore: 1862 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-wa.txt MOSTELLER, William Allen: 1915 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-wh.txt MOSTELLER, William Henry: 1923 Mar 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-wk.txt MOSTELLER, William K.: 1910 Sep 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-w.txt MOSTELLER, Wilmer: 1939 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
mosteller-wf.txt MOSTELLER, Wilmer F.: 1941 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
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