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Mc Surnames

Many of the Obituaries provided have been researched with the assistance of the Chester County Historical Society
Note: Obituaries after 1922 are abstracted.

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Filename Description Date Submitter
mcafee-h.txt McAFEE, Helen: 1996 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
mccall-l.txt McCALL, Leroy: 1952 Mar 2007 Dan Lindley
mccall-nj.txt McCALL, Norman, Jr.: 1935 Mar 2007 Dan Lindley
mccall-sd.txt McCALL, Susan Drennan: 1939 Mar 2007 Dan Lindley
mccarter-a.txt McCARTER, Alexander: 1923 Dec 2006 Dan Lindley
mccaughey-n.txt McCAUGHEY, Nancy: 1902 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
mcclellan-t.txt McCLELLAN, Thomas: 1868 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
mcclellan-ta.txt McCLELLAN, Thomas A.: 1892 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
mcclellan-tp.txt McCLELLAN, Thomas P.: 1913 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
mcclenaghan-s.txt McCLENAGHAN, Samuel: 1910 Oct 2010 Wanda Casella
mccord-ep.txt McCORD, Eleanor (Pike): 1935 Aug 2008 Dan Lindley
mccord-h.txt McCORD, Heber: 1909 Aug 2008 Dan Lindley
mccord-hj.txt McCORD, Hervey, Jr.: 1915 Aug 2008 Dan Lindley
mccord-id.txt McCORD, Ira D.: 1930 Aug 2008 Dan Lindley
mccord-sj.txt McCORD, Sallie (Sarah) J..: 1902 Aug 2008 Dan Lindley
mccord-s.txt McCORD, Sidney: 1911 Aug 2008 Dan Lindley
mccord-sp.txt McCORD, Sidney P.: 1944 Aug 2008 Dan Lindley
mccrossen-t.txt McCROSSEN, Thomas; 1898 Mar 2009 Bill Dorsch
mccune-ag.txt McCUNE, Annie G.: 1943 May 2005 Dan Lindley
mccune-jf.txt McCUNE, John F.: 1955 May 2005 Dan Lindley
mccune-wg.txt McCUNE, Walter G.: 1962 May 2005 Dan Lindley
mccurdy-k.txt McCURDY, Katharine: 1911 Oct 2010 Wanda Casella
mcdonald-bf.txt McDONALD, Benjamin Franklin; 1911 Jan 2012 Dennis Hargens
mcelhattan-c.txt McELHATTAN, Catharine: 1887 Oct 2006 Dan Lindley
mcelhatten-b.txt McELHATTEN, Bridget: 1888 Oct 2006 Dan Lindley
mcelhatton-j.txt McELHATTON, John: 1890 Oct 2006 Dan Lindley
mcelhatton-pf.txt McELHATTON, Patrick F.: 1910 Oct 2006 Dan Lindley
mcgrath-gf.txt McGRATH, Gerald "Jerry" Francis: 2001 May 2008 Dan Lindley
mcintire-g.txt McINTIRE, George: 1892 Feb 2007 Tom Moore
mcmahon-a.txt McMAHON, Ann: 1920 Mar 2007 Dan Lindley
mcmahon-b.txt McMAHON, Blanche: 1960 Mar 2007 Dan Lindley
mcmahon-fm.txt McMAHON, Frances M.: 1970 Mar 2007 Dan Lindley
mcmahon-j.txt McMAHON, Julia: 1926 Mar 2007 Dan Lindley
mcmichael-hc.txt McMICHAEL, H. Clarence: 1946 May 2008 Dan Lindley
mcnamee-j.txt McNAMEE, Joseph: 1939 Jun 2007 Dan Lindley
mcnelly-jcj.txt McNELLY, John C.: 1911 Feb 2008 Lynne M. Witte
McNELLY, John C.: 1972 Feb 2008 Lynne M. Witte
mcnelly-lp.txt McNELLY, Loretta P.: 1963 Oct 2006 Lynne M. Witte
mcnelly-mp.txt McNELLY, Myrtle P.: 1961 Oct 2006 Lynne M. Witte
mcnelly-s.txt McNELLY, Samuel: 1909 Apr 2005 Lynne Witte
mcrobert-pp.txt McROBERT, Perry P.: 1992 Jun 2008 Dan Lindley
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