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G Surnames

Many of the Obituaries provided have been researched with the assistance of the Chester County Historical Society
Note: Obituaries after 1922 are abstracted.

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Filename Description Date Submitter
gallagher-w.txt GALLAGHER, William: 1900 Sep 2006 Paul Gallagher & Dan Lindley
garner-d.txt GARNER, David: 1918 May 2007 Janis Tomko
garner-m.txt GARNER, Margaret (nee Youngblood): 1914 May 2007 Janis Tomko
garrett-ll.txt GARRETT, Laura Lawton: 1954 Apr 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
garrett-ls.txt GARRETT, Lydia S.: 1854 Jul 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
gawthrop-nr.txt GAWTHROP, Nellie Ross Mosteller: 1979 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
gay-jt.txt GAY, John T.: 1973 Oct 2007 Dan Lindley
geisel-f.txt GEISEL, Frank: 1888 Jan 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
gibson-sn.txt GIBSON, S. Nellie: 1881 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
gibson-sj1.txt GIBSON, Samuel J.: 1928 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
gibson-s.txt GIBSON, Sarah: 1873 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
gibson-sa.txt GIBSON, Sarah Ann: 1872 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
gibson-sj.txt GIBSON, Sarah Jane: 1875 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
gibson-sm.txt GIBSON, Sarah M.: 1876 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
gibson-s1.txt GIBSON, Susan: 1934 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
gillespie-ec.txt GILLESPIE, Edward C.: 1955 Aug 2007 Barbara Rightnour
gillespie-sh.txt GILLESPIE, Sadie Helen Mosteller: 1953 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
gist-a.txt GIST, Alberta: 2001 Jul 2003 The News and Reporter (SC)
glading-am.txt GLADING, Ann Moore: 1972 Jan 2006 Dan Lindley
glading-f3.txt GLADING, Frank, 3rd: 1940 Jan 2006 Dan Lindley
glading-fws.txt GLADING, Frank W., Sr.: 1962 Jan 2006 Dan Lindley
gladman-l.txt GLADMAN, Louisa: 1900 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
glass-lb.txt GLASS, Laura (nee Buchanan): 1952 Oct 2011 Diana Quinones
gleason-m.txt GLEASON, Mary: 1897 Aug 2006 Dan Lindley
gleason-p.txt GLEASON, Patrick: 1881 Aug 2006 Dan Lindley
gould-cs.txt GOULD, Carroll S. Apr 2008 Dan Lindley
gould-k.txt GOULD, Katherine; 1959 Apr 2008 Dan Lindley
gravelle-js.txt GRAVELLE, J. Silas: 1942 Aug 2005 Dan Lindley
gray-d.txt GRAY, David: 1832 Aug 2006 Lynne M. Witte
gray-dd.txt GRAY, Davis D.: 1915 Oct 2006 Lynne M. Witte
gray-ej.txt GRAY, Elie J.: 1952 Oct 2006 Lynne M. Witte
gray-e.txt GRAY, Elizabeth: 1886 Aug 2006 Lynne M. Witte
gray-j.txt GRAY, John: 1865 Aug 2006 Lynne M. Witte
gray-j1.txt GRAY, John: 1910 Oct 2006 Lynne M. Witte
gray-m.txt GRAY, Margaret: 1836 Aug 2006 Lynne M. Witte
gray-wc.txt GRAY, William C.: 1897 Aug 2005 June Weston
gray-wa.txt GRAY, Willie Ann: 1906 Oct 2006 Lynne M. Witte
greenbank-ml.txt GREENBANK, Martha L.: 1911 Oct 2010 Wanda Casella
greenover-ma.txt GREENOVER, Mary A.: 1894 May 2007 Mary Ferm
greer-el.txt GREER, Emma Louise: 1941 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
greer-j.txt GREER, James: 1961 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
greer-jp.txt GREER, James P.: 1940 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
greer-jr.txt GREER, Joseph Robert: 1959 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
greer-sj.txt GREER, Samuel J.: 1967 Jun 2005 Dan Lindley
greer-vt.txt GREER, Verda Taylor: 1954 Aug 2006 Dan Lindley
groce-tf.txt GROCE, Townsend F.: 2005 Oct 2006 Lynne M. Witte
groff-j.txt GROFF, Joseph: 1881 Sep 2007 Dan Lindley
grubb-cw.txt GRUBB, Charles W.: 1964 Aug 2007 Barbara Rightnour
grubb-dw.txt GRUBB, Daniel Webster: 1875 Feb 2008 Diana Quinones
guss-gr1.txt GUSS, George R.; 1898 May 2006 Dan Lindley
guss-gr.txt GUSS, George R.; 1969 May 2006 Dan Lindley
guss-gw.txt GUSS, George W.; 1871 May 2006 Dan Lindley
guthrie-a.txt GUTHRIE, Adam; 1872 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
guthrie-mj.txt GUTHRIE, Martha J. (nee Lawton) Baily; 1917 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
guthrie-sj.txt GUTHRIE, Susan J.; 1863 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
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