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A Surnames

Many of the Obituaries provided have been researched with the assistance of the Chester County Historical Society
Note: Obituaries after 1922 are abstracted.

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Filename Description Date Submitter
misc1829.txt Miscellaneous Marriages / Obituaries: 1829-30  Mar 2004 Jon Althouse
akin-bb.txt AKIN, Bertha B.: 1970 May 2008 Dan Lindley
akin-hp.txt AKIN, Howard Putnam "Jack": 1977 Jun 2008 Dan Lindley
aldred-hd.txt ALDRED, Helen Day (1897) Jun 2005 Nancy Bottomley
allen-cr.txt ALLEN, Caroline R.; 1935 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
allison-jm.txt ALLISON, J. Marion: 1927 Feb 2007 Dan Lindley
allison-jb.txt ALLISON, Jeremiah B.: 1911 Oct 2010 Wanda Casella
allison-rm.txt ALLISON, Russell M.: 1962 Feb 2007 Dan Lindley & Kathy Clay
althouse-gh.txt ALTHOUSE, G. Harvey: 1960 Jul 2007 Dan Lindley
althouse-gc.txt ALTHOUSE, George C.: 1942 Jul 2007 Dan Lindley
ALTHOUSE, Horace M.: 2004 Jun 2007 Dan Lindley
althouse-sw.txt ALTHOUSE, Sarah Whitaker: 1960 Jul 2007 Dan Lindley
ames-cs.txt AMES, Carolyn Stetson: 1940 Apr 2006 Dan Lindley
amos.txt AMOS, Thomas Henry (1924) and AMOS, Margaret Wilkson (1908) Aug 2003 Coni Porter Uzelac
anderson-chj.txt ANDERSON, Clarence H., Jr.: 1953 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-cs.txt ANDERSON, Cora S.: 1893 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-eb.txt ANDERSON, Emily Burton: 1941 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-ef.txt ANDERSON, Emma F.: 1901 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-g.txt ANDERSON, George: 1898 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-gj.txt ANDERSON, Granville, Jr.: 1942 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-gs.txt ANDERSON, Granville, Sr.: 1950 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-h.txt ANDERSON, Henry: 1908 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-j6.txt ANDERSON, Jacob: 1915 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-j1.txt ANDERSON, James: 1870 Jun 2005 Linda Cooper
anderson-j7.txt ANDERSON, James: 1915 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-j.txt ANDERSON, James: 1917 Jun 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-j4.txt ANDERSON, James: 1917 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-j3.txt ANDERSON, John: 1918 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-ja.txt ANDERSON, John A.: 1910 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-jc.txt ANDERSON, John C: 1941 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-jl.txt ANDERSON, John L.: 1968 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-jw.txt ANDERSON, John W.: 1917 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-j8.txt ANDERSON, Josephine: 1911 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-j2.txt ANDERSON, Josephine: 1916 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-j5.txt ANDERSON, Josephine: 1917 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-mh.txt ANDERSON, Mae Henry: 1978 Dec 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-mag.txt ANDERSON, Mary Ann Gladman: 1901 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-mb.txt ANDERSON, Mattie Burton: 1950 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-oj.txt ANDERSON, Oscar J.: 1916 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
anderson-v.txt ANDERSON, Viola: 1949 Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
ash-em.txt ASH, Elizabeth MacGregor: 1896 May 2007 Dan Lindley
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