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Groom Surnames - P

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Filename Description Date Submitter
parkerkennedy.txt Marriage Notice of John B. PARKER to Jennie B. KENNEDY, 1866 Apr 2008 Diana Quinones
pennypacker.txt PENNYPACKER Marriages Notices 1816-1870 Oct 2001 Judy Ardine
penny-mar.txt PENNYPACKER/DAVIS Marriages 1851-1861 Oct 2001 Judy Ardine
pechinspeakman.txt Marriage notice of Dr. Robert Wallace PECHIN to Edna May SPEAKMAN; 1917 Feb 2005 Wanda Casella
pennelgarratt.txt Marriage of Joseph PENNEL and Alice GARRATT  (1702) May 2005 Betty-Lu Burton
pennypackerstauffer.txt Marriage of Henry PENNYPACKER and Harriet M. STAUFFER  (1861) Nov 2008 Diana Quinones
pennypackeroberholtzer.txt Marriage Notice of Nathan PENNYPACKER and Ella OBERHOLTZER; 1880 Aug 2009 Diana Quinones
piersolgravell.txt Marriage notice of Charles T. PIERSOL to Laura L. GRAVELL; 1880 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
pim-lewis.txt Wedding Attendees of John PIM and Hannah LEWIS, 1752 Jul 2003 Ray Downing
pinkertondowlin.txt Marriage notice of George S. PINKERTON to Sallie A. DOWLIN; 1879 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
priestentriken.txt Marriage Notice of L. Darlington PRIEST to Sallie T. ENTRIKEN; 1891 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
pusey.txt PUSEY Marriages at Kennett Monthly Meeting; 1725-1756 Apr 2009 Sandra Ferguson
pyledilks.txt Marriage notice of Dr. Norman J. PYLE to Audrey S. DILKS; 1920 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
pyleswayne.txt Marriage notice of S. Simon PYLE to Lizzie M. SWAYNE; 1892 Sep 2006 Dan Lindley
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