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Groom Surnames - H

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Filename Description Date Submitter
hamiltoncoleman.txt Marriage notice of William H. HAMILTON to Ada COLEMAN; 1885 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
hamptonlewis.txt Marriage notice of Franklin P. HAMPTON to Sallie E. LEWIS; 1887 Apr 2006 Dan Lindley
hannumswayne.txt Marriage notice of Thomas P. HANNUM to Lydia A. SWAYNE; 1893 Feb 2006 Dan Lindley
harleyhipple.txt Marriage of (Benjamin) Franklin HARLEY to Martha Ann HIPPLE (1866) Nov 2008 Diana Quinones
hartenstinetemplin.txt Marriage notice of Harry G. HARTENSTINE to M. Estella Templin; 1893 Apr 2006 Dan Lindley
hartenstinenichols.txt Marriage notice of Herber HARTENSTINE to Sarah Ann NICHOLS; 1860 Apr 2006 Dan Lindley
hartenstineallison.txt Marriage notice of J. Walter HARTENSTINE to Bertha E. ALLISON; 1902 Apr 2006 Dan Lindley
haslettjohnson.txt Marriage notice of William HASLETT to Elizabeth JOHNSON; 1850 Feb 2006 Dan Lindley
hawk.txt HAWK/HAWKE/HOUCK Marriage Notices May 2006 Diana Quinones
hessbyrne1.txt Marriage notice of Calvin Henry HESS to Christine BYRNE; 1901 and death notices Oct 2004 Dan Lindley
hessbyrne.txt Marriage notice of Calvin HESS to Christine BYRNE; 1901 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
hesscollins.txt Marriage notice of Chas. G. HESS to Tamzine M. COLLINS; 1880 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
hesswoodward.txt Marriage notice of Charles William HESS to M. Lizzie WOODWARD; 1889 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
hesszoll.txt Marriage notice of Edward Hugh HESS to E. Helen ZOLL; 1919 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
hibbardweir.txt Marriage of Preston HIBBARD to Caroline WEIR; 1858 Sep 2006 Bob George & Dan Lindley
hibbardweir1.txt Marriage of Preston HIBBARD to Hannah M. WEIR; 1860 Sep 2006 Bob George & Dan Lindley
garrethibberd.txt Marriage of Joseph HIBBERD and Elizabeth GARRET/GARRAT  (1731/2) Sep 2005 Betty-Lu Burton
hibberdbradshaw.txt Marriage of Moses HIBBERD and Sarah BRADSHAW  (1732) May 2005 Betty-Lu Burton
hightyson.txt Marriage notice of Benjamin F. HIGH to Ella AMOLE; 1886 May 2006 Dan Lindley
highamole.txt Marriage notice of Jacob HIGH to Elizabeth TYSON; 1865 May 2006 Dan Lindley
highzook.txt Marriage notice of James HIGH to Gertie ZOOK; 1919 May 2006 Dan Lindley
highfieldlove.txt Marriage notice of Richard W. HIGHFIELD to Louisa C. LOVE; 1841 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
hilamancarpenter.txt Marriage notice of Jacob F. HILAMAN to Anna Mary Carpenter; 1867 Jan 2006 Dan Lindley
hilbornhartman.txt Marriage Notice of James C. HILBORN to Lucinda R. HARTMAN, 1866 Apr 2008 Diana Quinones
hipplefox.txt Marriage of John Y HIPPLE and Esther A. FOX (1863) Nov 2008 Diana Quinones
hipplemauger.txt Marriage of Lindsley F. HIPPLE and Annie MAUGER (1872) Nov 2008 Diana Quinones
hipplebeerbower.txt Marriage of Samuel S. HIPPLE and Annie Laura BEERBOWER (1882) Nov 2008 Diana Quinones
hipplefrankum.txt Marriage of Thomas HIPPLE and Violatta B. FRANKUM  (1847) Nov 2005 Diana Quinones
hobarthess.txt Marriage notice of Perry N. HOBART to Evaline HESS; 1927 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
hoffeckerrowland.txt Marriage of H. M. HOFFECKER to Annie L. ROWLAND; 1885 Sep 2011 Diana Quinones
hoffeckerhuzard.txt Marriage of John Levi HOFFECKER to Rachel HUZARD/HUZZARD; 1859 Sep 2011 Diana Quinones
hoffeckerstewart.txt Marriage of Prof. Reuben Franklin HOFFECKER to Lemmie L. STEWART; 1879 Sep 2011 Diana Quinones
hoffmanralston.txt Marriage notice of B. F. HOFFMAN to A. Mary RALSTON; 1900 Aug 2007 Barbara Rightnour
hoffmanwynn.txt Marriage of John R. HOFFMAN and Mary Ann WYNN (1861) Nov 2008 Diana Quinones
hofstetterhoskins.txt Marriage notice of Julius Mann HOFSTETTER to Margaret Evans HOSKINS; 1913 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
holtonspeakman.txt Marriage notice of Alfred HOLTON to Alice S. SPEAKMAN; 1867 Feb 2005 Wanda Casella
hoskinswilliams.txt Marriage notice of Maurice HOSKINS to Essie A. WILLIAMS; 1881 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
huberdowlin.txt Marriage notice of William F. HUBER to Margaret B. DOWLIN; 1906 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
hugginsfox.txt Marriage notice of Joseph HUGGINS to Helen Virginia FOX; 1901 Nov 2007 Dan Lindley
hughesmoore.txt Marriage notice of Jonathan HUGHES to Henrietta MOORE; 1858 Jun 2005 Wanda Smale
humphreyparker.txt Marriage of Solomon HUMPHREY to Mary PARKER  (1738) Sep 2005 Betty-Lu Burton
huntwhisler.txt Marriage notice of Thomas HUNT to Susanna WHISLER; 1828 Oct 2005 Dan Lindley
hutchinsonmosteller.txt Marriage notice of Samuel Oscar HUTCHINSON to Anna Bell MOSTELLER; 1880 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
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