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Groom Surnames - F

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Filename Description Date Submitter
fanninggarvine.txt Marriage notice of Joseph FANNING to Emma GARVINE; 1937 Oct 2006 Dan Lindley
faddislawton.txt Marriage notice of Wellington FADDIS to Amy LAWSON; 1890 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
farralindsley.txt Marriage notice of Diworth H. FARRA to Edith V. LINDSLEY; 1911 Jul 2007 Dan Lindley
fellspayd.txt Marriage notice of J. Harold FELL to Eleanor SPAYD; 1922 Aug 2007 Barbara Rightnour
fellingram.txt Marriage notice of Joseph H. FELL to Mary Frank INGRAM; 1895 Aug 2007 Barbara Rightnour
felljohnson.txt Marriage notice of Joseph H. FELL, Jr. to Marion JOHNSON; 1946 Aug 2007 Barbara Rightnour
fisherlindsley.txt Marriage notice of Walter M. FISHER to Hattie M. LINDSLEY; 1906 Feb 2006 JoAnn Goble & Dan Lindley
fisherrhinehold.txt Marriage notice of Walter M. FISHER to Anna RHINEHOLD; 1923 Feb 2006 JoAnn Goble & Dan Lindley
Marriage notice of Pvt. Andrew G. FREGEDE to Beatrice M. PAUP; 1944 Oct 2004 Dan Lindley
frieswynn.txt Marriage notice of Earl S. FRIES to Alice WYNN; 1940 Jun 2006 Dan Lindley
fulmerraysor.txt Marriage notice of Thomas M. FULMER to (Isa)Bella C. RAYSOR; 1869 Apr 2006 Dan Lindley
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