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Groom Surnames - E

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Filename Description Date Submitter
eavensondavis.txt Marriage notice of George W. EAVENSON to Mary DAVIS; 1856 Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
eavensonnichols.txt Marriage notice of Harry Y. EAVENSON to Mary E. NICHOLS; 1894 Aug 2006 Barbara Rightnour
entrikenfitzsimmons.txt Marriage notice of John ENTRIKEN to Ann FITZSIMMONS; 1833 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
elliottkulp.txt Marriage notice of James ELLIOTT to Lizzie A. KULP; 1883 Dec 2008 Diana Quinones
ellisbrower.txt Marriage notice of Will. ELLIS to Delia M. BROWER; 1885 Nov 2010 Diana Quinones
entrikensweeney.txt Marriage notice of John ENTRIKEN to Sarah SWEENEY; 1830 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
entrikenbishop.txt Marriage notice of John C. ENTRIKEN to Laura BISHOP; 1874 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
entrikenthomas.txt Marriage notice of Charles C. ENTRIKEN to Maggie C. THOMAS; 1860 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
everettentriken.txt Marriage notice of Robert EVERETT to Mary F. ENTRIKEN; 1866 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
evesingram.txt Marriage notice of Albert Agnew EVES to Sarah A. INGRAM; 1901 Sep 2007 Barbara Rightnour
ewingeachus.txt Marriage notice of John H. EWING to Elizabeth (Lizzie) EACHUS; 1864 May 2006 Dan Lindley
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