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Groom Surnames - D

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Filename Description Date Submitter
deckerspeakman.txt Marriage notice of C. Wilbur DECKER Jr. to Emma Goodell SPEAKMAN; 1915 Feb 2005 Wanda Casella
damonspeakman.txt Marriage notice of Lorenzo DAMON to Alice SPEAKMAN; 1854 Feb 2005 Wanda Casella
dannakerlove.txt Marriage notice of A. C. DANNAKER to Lizzie LOVE; 1858 Feb 2007 Dan Lindley
davisdowlin.txt Marriage Notice of C. Wesley DAVIS to Mary J. DOWLIN; 1870 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
davisfisher.txt Marriage Notice of John K. DAVIS to Mary E. FISHER; 1866 Apr 2008 Diana Quinones
deverterhamilton1.txt Marriage notice of Albert A. DEVERTER to Annie E. HAMILTON; 1898 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
deverterhamilton.txt Marriage notice of Alfred L. DEVERTER to Lizzie HAMILTON; 1898 Sep 2005 Dan Lindley
diffendafersmale.txt Marriage Notice of Alexander DIFFENDAFER to Mary A. SMALE; 1866 Apr 2008 Diana Quinones
doughertypeters.txt Marriage notice of Edmund DOUGHERTY to Betsey PETERS; 1772 May 2008 Cyndie Enfinger
dolanturls.txt Marriage notice of John (James) DOLAN to Bridget TURLS; 1854 Sep 2007 Kathy Dulin-Doedderlein
dowlinsheneman.txt Marriage notice of Cheney James DOWLIN to Irene SHENEMAN; 1885 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinstewart.txt Marriage notice of Clifton DOWLIN, M. D. to Margaret STEWART; 1894 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlintalley.txt Marriage notice of Francis DOWLIN to Arabella TALLEY; 1872 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinbaen.txt Marriage notice of George M. DOWLIN to Mary E. BAEN; 1913 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinmacdonald.txt Marriage notice of Harold B. DOWLIN Jr. to Ruth MacDONALD; 1944 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
dowlinpyle.txt Marriage notice of Havard B. DOWLIN to Florence V. PYLE; 1916 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinreed.txt Marriage notice of Henderson T. DOWLIN Jr. to Anne J. REEd; 1943 Nov 2005 Dan Lindley
dowlinburns.txt Marriage notice of Howard H. DOWLIN to Evalyn Sage BURNS; 1917 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinyerger.txt Marriage notice of Homer DOWLIN to Rachel A. YERGER; 1905 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinkerlin.txt Marriage notice of James DOWLIN to Sarah KERLIN; 1813 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinwoodward.txt Marriage notice of James DOWLIN to Phebe WOODWARD; 1869 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinbarnes.txt Marriage notice of Jesse DOWLIN to Ella May BARNES; 1923 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinhigh.txt Marriage notice of Joseph DOWLIN to Amy HIGH; 1878 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinanders.txt Marriage notice of Luther DOWLIN to Mattie ANDERS; 1878 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinlewis.txt Marriage notice of Norrish DOWLIN to Mary Ann LEWIS; 1854 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinrephart.txt Marriage notice of Richard B. DOWLIN to Margaret REPHART; 1847 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinfitzgerald.txt Marriage notice of Thomas Benton DOWLIN to Ella D. FITZGERALD; 1889 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinandrews.txt Marriage notice of Thomas C. DOWLIN to Lilla ANDREWS; 1914 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinlamar.txt Marriage notice of Wayne M. DOWLIN to Margaret M. LAMAR; 1913 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinstiteler.txt Marriage notice of W. Penn DOWLIN to Peninnah Evans STITELER; 1901 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinbell.txt Marriage notice of Walter S. DOWLIN to Sallie P. BELL; 1888 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinhusted.txt Marriage notice of William DOWLIN to Bella HUSTED; 1872 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
dowlinloomis.txt Marriage notice of William H. DOWLIN to Sarah J. LOOMIS; 1876 Oct 2005 Nancy Bottomley
downslewis1.txt Marriage notice of George Brooke DOWNS to Maria L. LEWIS; 1880 Feb 2007 Nancy Annie Odegard
downslewis.txt Marriage notice of George Walter DOWNS to Mary LEWIS; 1891 Feb 2007 Nancy Annie Odegard
downsworrell.txt Marriage notice of James DOWNS to Hannah E. WORRELL; 1859 Feb 2007 Nancy Annie Odegard
Marriage notice & Marriage License Application of Dr. Morris DOWNS to Anna L. VAUGHN; 1895 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
drennenhighfield.txt Marriage notice of Levi C. DRENNEN to Tamson E. HIGHFIELD; 1872 Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
dulinwiley.txt Marriage notice of Edward DULIN to Kate WILEY; 1892 May 2008 Kathy Dulin-Doedderlein
dulindeasy.txt Marriage notice of John DULIN to Maggie DEASY; 1878 Sep 2007 Kathy Dulin-Doedderlein
dulinflaherty.txt Marriage notice of John F. DULIN to Anna FLAHERTY; 1944 Sep 2007 Kathy Dulin-Doedderlein
dulinmarch.txt Marriage notice of Vincent C. DULIN to Sarah A. MARCH; 1941 Sep 2007 Kathy Dulin-Doedderlein
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