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Kelton Church of Christ Cemetery

Route 796, South Of Kelton, Penn Twp.
335 S. Jennersville Rd.

Filename Description Date Submitter
Kelton Church of Christ
This is an active church with a medium-sized cemetery.

This congregation is said to have been organized as the Chestnut Grove Church of Christ in 1838 or ‘39.

From Futhey & Cope’s History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1881:

“The Campbellite Society (they call themselves Disciples of Christ) oranized in this county in the year 1839, at which date one of their ministers, named George Austin, came from Baltimore, Maryland and began preaching in a barn. services were held, converts made, and the new sect so increased in numbers that in the year 1841 they resolved to erect a meetinghouse. In that year they built a small stone edifice at Chestnut Grove, in penn Twonship, about a mile and a half from the village of New London…

They have had but two pastors, Mr. Edward Orvis and Mr. Somers, who each remained but a few years, the first about 1852 and the last left in the spring of 1880. The rest of the time the worship was conducted by some of their own members, with occasionally a preacher coming from Baltimore and preaching daily for a week of two [these were known as “Protracted Meetings”]. At such times converts would generally be made, which kept up their membership, which is said to number 60. The present officers are Thomas Slack, J. W. hammond, John Miller and Isaac Vandergrif.”

President James A. Garfield, who was a minister of this denomination, is asid to have preached at Kelton sometime in the 1850’s.

Daniel Sommer, a major figure in the history of this denomination, served the Kelton congregation from 1874 to 1880 [“He has been called the "Father of Extremism" within Churches of Christ, and to this present day for one to be labeled a "Sommerite" is very rarely regarded as a compliment”, Al Maxey,]. Sommer increased membership from 50 to 70 and personally hewed the timbers for a new building to replace the existing stone structure, which he deemed to be too small. He finished the
construction in 1879 and moved to Reynoldsville, Ohio in 1880, but returned regularly for meetings. In fact he was still coming back in 1939!:

Oxford Press, May 17, 1939

“Gospel Preaching at the Church of Christ, Half Mile South of Kelton, by Daniel Sommer, Ninety-year-old Evangelist, Meetings start Sunday May 21, Meetings at 10 a.m. and 7.15 p.m., and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at 7.15 Standard. Come and hear this grand old preacher proclaim the pure gospel of Christ.”
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
atwood-ab.jpg ATWOOD, Annie B.
Born Oct. 7. 1827
Died Dec. 12. 1876
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
baker-er.jpg BAKER, Evan H.
Co. H, 1 Penna. Rifles
1831 – 1911
At Rest
BAKER, R. Emma
1838 – 1918
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
dance-jaw.jpg DANCE, Josiah
DANCE, William M.
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
griffin-jl.jpg GRIFFIN, Joseph
1864 – 1929
GRIFFIN, Lavinia A.
1867 – 1955
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
hammond-lp.jpg HAMMOND, Lydia Pusey
Wife of
1829 – 1885
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
hammond-ma.jpg HAMMOND, Mary A.
Born Oct. 14th 1805
Died Jan. 18th 1883
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
hammond-nb.jpg HAMMOND, Nathan B.
Died May 24, 1868
Age 67 years
[GAR CW Marker]
Additional Comments:
1860 US Census Data, New London Twp., Chester Co., PA:
Nathan B HAMOND, 59 MD farmer
Mary 54 PA
Anna B 28 PA
William B 22 PA
Mary 57? MD
Charles Howard 17 farm labor DEL
Carolin Johnston 21 PA servant
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
hutton-bk.jpg HUTTON, Benjamin K.
Died Oct. 18, 1918
Co. M, 1st Penna. Mounted
[WWI Marker]
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
ironside-aj.jpg IRONSIDE, Ann J.
Wife of
1821 – 1879
Thy Will Be Done
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
ironside-jh.jpg IRONSIDE, Jane H.
1832 – 1902
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
ironside-ww.jpg IRONSIDE, William W.
1819 – 1905
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
mcgurk-we.jpg McGURK, Wm. E.
Born July 8, 1878
Died Jan. 5, 1905
At Rest
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
patchell-jx.jpg PATCHELL, John X.
1853 – 1921
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
patchell-mr.jpg PATCHELL, Mary R.
1859 – 1955
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
powley-ae.jpg POWLEY, Anna E.
d. 22 Apr 1918
Wife of William Powley
Aug 2008 Fred Kelso
powley-w.jpg POWLEY, William
02 Dec 1891 - 31 Dec 1963
Aug 2008 Fred Kelso
slack-tl.jpg SLACK, Thomas
Born March 30, 1817
Died Dec. 30, 1897
SLACK, Lavina S.
Wife of Thomas SLACK
Born May 2, 1822
Died Jan. 6, 1925
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
smith-f.jpg SMITH, Franklin
Aug 2008 Fred Kelso
smith-ms.jpg SMITH, M. Stella
Aug 2008 Fred Kelso
rudy-hj.jpg RUDY, Henry
1842 – 1906
RUDY, Jennie
1849 – 1924
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
vandegrift-ba.jpg VANDEGRIFT, Burrows
1831 – 1911
His Wife
1840 – 1918
[GAR CW Marker]
Jan 2006 Fred Kelso

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