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Filename Description Date Submitter
wanger1.txt Wanger Family; Farmers & Dairymen of North & East Coventry. Aug 2006 Diana Quinones
wagoner-j.txt John W. Wagoner; -1794; Farmer and Miller Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
walter-ct.txt Charles Townsend Walter, 1852- ; Farm and Dairy on 'Hope Glen Farm,' London Grove Twp. Mar 2005 John Morris
walter-g.txt Godwin Walter; Settled in Concord from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
walton-d.txt David Walton, 1798- ; Mercantile Business and Farmer Jun 2003 John Morris
walton-gr.txt George R. Walton, 1853- ; Business Man of Malvern Borough and Ex-Coroner of Chester County Jun 2003 John Morris
walton-gw.txt George W. Walton, 1844- ; Civil War Soldier and Farmer of East Nottingham Twp. Jun 2003 John Morris
wanger.txt Wanger Family, - Early Wangers were Farmers in the Region Jul 2003 Candace Roth
wanger2.txt Wanger Family, - Early Wangers were Farmers in the Region Aug 2004 Sandra Ferguson
warner-le.txt Levi E. Warner, 1820-1881 ; Successful Businessman Feb 2003 John Morris
warrington-t.txt Thomas Warington, 1824-1875 ; Merchant and Farmer (includes Hoopes Family) Mar 2003 John Morris
way-ms.txt Marshall S. Way, 1845- ; Republican and Successful Businessman Jan 2003 John Morris
way-r.txt Robert Way, -1725; Landowner in Pennsbury Twp. Jul 2003 Candace Roth
webb-e.txt Rev. Edward Webb, 1819- ; Financial Secretary of Lincoln University Jun 2003 John Morris
webb-r.txt Richard Webb, -1719; Settled in Birmingham Aug 2003 Candace Roth
webb-sp.txt Samuel Paschall Webb, 1839-1895; Farmer of Pennsbury Twp. Apr 2003 John Morris
webster-c.txt Chalkley Webster, 1830- ; Farmer  of Upper Oxford Twp. Apr 2003 John Morris
webster-e.txt Elwood Webster, 1846- ; Farmer and Stock Dealer of Lower Oxford Feb 2003 John Morris
webster-sl.txt Samuel L. Webster, 1842- ; Farmer Feb 2003 John Morris
weeks-a.txt Albert Weeks, M. D., 1858- ; General Medical Practice at Phoenixville Mar 2003 John Morris
weigel-wa.txt William A. Weigel, 1844- ; Foreman in the Factory of the American Wood-paper Company at Spring City Feb 2003 John Morris
wells-dg.txt David G. Wells, 1825- ; First Burgess of Spring City and Civil War Soldier Mar 2003 John Morris
wells-o.txt Oliver Wells, 1827- ; Lumber Merchant Mar 2003 John Morris
west-b.txt Benjamin West, 1738-1820; Painter Jan 2003 John Morris
west-ww.txt Wilmar W. West, 1832- ; Farmer of Sheeder Mar 2003 John Morris
whelen-d.txt Dennis Whelen, -1782; Tavern Owner of West Nantmeal and Uwchlan Twp. Oct 2003 Sandra Ferguson
wherry-m.txt Mackey Wherry, 1766-1826; First Register of the City of St. Louis Jul 2003 Terry Mossop
white-r.txt Rev. Robert White, 1785-1835; Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Fagg's Manor Feb 2003 John Morris
whitson-s.txt Samuel Whitson, 1838- ; Member of the grain and lumber firm of Hastings & Whitson Feb 2003 John Morris
wickersham-cp.txt Caleb Pusey Wickersham, 1814-1888 ; Teacher and Justice of the Peace Apr 2003 John Morris
wickersham-jp.txt James Pyle Wickersham, 1825- ; Leading Educator from Newlin Twp. Sep 2002 John Morris
wickersham-t.txt Thomas Wickersham, -1730; Settled in East Marlborough from England & James Pyle Wickersham 1825- ; Leading Educator from Newlin Twp. Aug 2003 Candace Roth
wilds-j.txt John Wilds, 1821- ; Farmer Mar 2003 John Morris
william-r.txt Robert William, -1734; Early Settler of Goshen Feb 2004 Sandra Ferguson
williams-aj.txt Andrew J. Williams, 1840- ; General Manager for the Parkesburg Iron Company May 2003 John Morris
williams-g.txt Granville Williams, 1836- ; Farmer near Sugartown Jun 2003 John Morris
williamson-ng.txt Nicholas Gilpin Williamson, abt. 1780 - 1843; War of 1812 Veteran, Mayor and Postmaster in Wilmington, DE. Jul 2008 Lew
wilson-a.txt Addison Wilson, 1840- ; Farmer residing near Kimberton Mar 2003 John Morris
wilson-ag.txt Amos G. Wilson, 1821- ; Grocery Business at Parkesburg and Postmaster Mar 2003 John Morris
wilson-hr.txt Harry R. Wilson, 1851- ; Farmer residing near New Centreville Jan 2003 John Morris
wilson-j.txt James Wilson, 1820- ; Farmer and Stock Dealer of Kimberton Mar 2003 John Morris
wilson-n.txt Nathan Wilson, 1844- ; Merchant and Civil War Veteran Mar 2003 John Morris
wilson-ws.txt Winfield Scott Wilson, 1825- ; President of the Philadelphia, Germantown & Norristown Railroad Company Mar 2003 John Morris
windle-dc.txt David C. Windle, 1843- ; Civil War Veteran and Prothonotary of Chester County Jun 2003 John Morris
windle-f.txt Francis Windle, Of East Marlborough Aug 2003 Candace Roth
windle-l.txt Dr. Lewis Windle, 1819-1879 ; Dr. of Medicine at Cochranville Aug 2003 Candace Roth
wistar-c.txt Caspar Wistar, -1696; From Germany, Immigrated through Philadelphia Jul 2003 Candace Roth
wollaston-pp.txt Pusey P. Wollaston, 1848- ; Coach-maker and Wheelwright May 2003 John Morris
wollerton-c.txt Charles Wollerton, -1781; Settled in East Bradford Twp. from England Sep 2003 Candace Roth
wood-bl.txt Benjamin Ladd Wood, 1834- ; Farmer Apr 2003 John Morris
wood-s.txt Susanna Wood (nee Coates), 1843- ; Widow of William N. Wood Apr 2003 John Morris
wood-t.txt Thomas Wood, Settled in Chester Co. from England Sep 2003 Candace Roth
woodside-a.txt Archibald Woodside, abt. 1720-1806; Settled near New London from Ireland Sep 2003 Candace Roth
woodward-ce.txt Charles E. Woodward, 1846- ; Physician of West Chester Jan 2002 John Morris
woodward-ol.txt Owen Lewis Woodward, 1829-1894; Farmer and Director in the Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bank of Phoenixville Apr 2003 John Morris
woodward-r.txt Richard Woodward; Landowner of East Bradford Twp. Mar 2004 Sandra Ferguson
woodward-wm.txt William Marshall Woodward, 1820-1868; Farmer and Liveryman of West Chester Jan 2002 John Morris
workizer-c.txt Christian Workizer, 1819-1879 ; Dr. of Medicine at Cochranville Aug 2003 Candace Roth
worrall-jh.txt Prof. John Hunter Worrall, Educator Mar 2003 John Morris
worrall-pj.txt Peter & Joshua WORRALL, Purchased Land from William Penn Sep 2008 Lew
worrell-r.txt Richard Worrell/Worrall, -1742; Member of Society of Friends, Settled in Middletown Aug 2003 Candace Roth
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