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Filename Description Date Submitter
talbot-ds.txt Hon. D. Smith Talbot, 1841- ; Prominent Lawyer of West Chester and member of the House of Representatives of PA Nov 2005 John Morris
talbot-j.txt John Talbot, -1721; Land Owner in Middletown Twp. Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
taylor-a.txt Abiah Taylor, Arrived from England in 1701 Sep 2008 Lew
taylor-j.txt Joseph Taylor, Arrived from England in 1708 Sep 2008 Lew
taylor-wp.txt William & Peter Taylor, Arrived from England in 1682 Sep 2008 Lew
temple-c.txt Charles Temple, 1836-1892; Agricultural and Dairy Farmer Mar 2003 John Morris
temple-w.txt William Temple, -1768; Settled in Kennet, now Pennsbury from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
thomas-g.txt Dr. George Thomas, Farmer and Cultivator of Rare Trees and Flowers. Jul 2008 Lew
thomas-p.txt Peter Thomas,  -1722; Settled in Willistown Twp. Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
thomas-wa.txt William Ashbridge Thomas, Charcoal Iron Manufacturer. Jul 2008 Lew
todd-j.txt John Todd Family; Of Scotish Origin, Settled in Wallace Twp. Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
torbert-bj.txt Benjamin J. Torbert, 1830-; Farmer and Stock Raiser.  Resident of Downingtown.  Civil War Vet Feb 2004 John Morris
towers-m.txt Michael Towers, 1800-1880; Contractor/Master-Builder Feb 2004 Candace Roth
trego-p.txt Peter Trego, Landowner in Middletown Twp. Feb 2004 Candace Roth
treviller-k.txt Katharine Treviller/Travilla, -Arrived in 1699, on the ship "Josiah and Betty," Jul 2003 Candace Roth
trimble-a.txt Alexander Trimble, d. bef. 1769 Sep 2011 Sandra Ferguson
trimble-h.txt Henry Trimble, d. 1772 in Ridley Sep 2011 Sandra Ferguson
trimble-s.txt Dr. Samuel Trimble, 1843-; Medical Doctor (includes early Trimble Family History) Mar 2003 John Morris
tripp-i.txt Isaac Tripp, 1866- ; Farmer of Schuylkill Township & Mayflower Descendant Jan 2003 John Morris
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