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Filename Description Date Submitter
sauer-c.txt Christopher Sauer, 1693- ; Settled in Germantown from Germany Jul 2003 Candace Roth
savage-fn.txt Frank N. Savage, 1863- ; Farmer of East Coventry Township Feb 2003 John Morris
savage-s.txt Samuel Savage, -1720; Iron Works Business Jul 2003 Candace Roth
savery-sw.txt Stephen Webb Savery, 1835- ; Farmer May 2003 John Morris
saylor-jc.txt John C. Saylor, 1823- ; Proprietor of  Saylor's Flouring Mill Mar 2003 John Morris
saylor-wh.txt William H. Saylor, 1856- ; Businessman and Postmaster at Kenilworth Feb 2003 John Morris
scarlet-h.txt Humphrey Scarlet; of Chichester Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
scott-a.txt Abraham Scott, -1749; Of West Nottingham Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
seal-w.txt William Seal, -1742; Settled in Birmingham from England Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
seed.txt Seed Family; Of East Bradford Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
sellers-jc.txt James C. Sellers, 1854- ; Lawyer of Philadelphia and West Chester Mar 2003 John Morris
shafer-j.txt John Shafer,  Of German Descent Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
sharp-jw.txt Joseph W. Sharp; Landowner in Easttown Twp. Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
Bayard "Bud" Sharpe; Major league baseball manager for Boston and Oakland. Also a first baseman Jan 2005 Dan Lindley
sharpless-w.txt William Sharpless, 1849- ; Proprietor of the Toughkenamon and Kennett Square Creameries Jan 2003 John Morris
sheeder-j.txt Joseph Sheeder, 1820- ; Farmer of West Vincent Twp. Aug 2003 Candace Roth
s420.txt Matthias Sheeleigh, D.D.: Charlestown Dec 1997 Linnea Miller
sherer-w.txt William Sherer; Land Owner on Big Elk Creek Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
shoemaker-k.txt Kersey Shoemaker, 1815- ; Coal and Lime Business and Farmer of West Whiteland Township Jun 2003 John Morris
sidwell-h.txt Hugh Sidwell, -1729; Settled in West Nottingham from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
smale-je.txt John E. Smale, 1853- ; Farmer of North Coventry Township Feb 2003 John Morris
smedley-jg.txt John G. Smedley, 1834- ; Farmer of Willistown Twp. Apr 2003 John Morris
smedley-oh.txt Oliver H. Smedley, 1839- ; Farmer Mar 2003 John Morris
smith-dl.txt Hon. David L. Smith, 1827- ; Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Civil War Veteran Mar 2003 John Morris
smith-pf.txt Hon. Persifor Frazer Smith, 1808-1882; Chester Co. Orphans' Court Clerk and Supreme Court Lawyer Jan 2004 John Morris
smith-wb.txt William Brinton Smith, 1816-1872; Farmer Mar 2003 John Morris
sowers-jea.txt Joseph E. A. Sowers, 1842-after 1899; Civil War Veteran Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
spackman-i.txt Isaac Spackman, 1829- ; Businessman and Secretar of the Chester Co. Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Feb 2003 John Morris
speakman-t.txt Thomas Speakman, -1732; Settled in Londongrove Township from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
starr-j.txt John Starr; Family Emigrated from Ireland Jul 2003 Candace Roth
stauffer-fh.txt Frank H. Stauffer, 1832- ; Journalist and Literatus of Berwyn Feb 2003 John Morris
stauffer-hm.txt Henry M. Stauffer, 1826- ; Tradesman and Farmer of East Coventry Feb 2003 John Morris
steele-j.txt Gen. James Steele,  -1844; Officer of the War of 1812; Resided in West Fallowfield Twp. Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
sterling-a.txt Andrew Sterling, d. 1765, Presbyterian Minister Sep 2011 Sandra Ferguson
stern-a.txt Almor Stern, b. 1854 ; Auditor Sep 2011 Alice Warner Brosey
stern-jt.txt J. T. Stern, b. 1814 ; Farmer Sep 2011 Alice Warner Brosey
sterrett-tk.txt Thomas K. Sterrett, 1830-1890 ; Prosperous Businessman Feb 2003 John Morris
strawbridge-t.txt Thomas Strawbridge; Patriot of the Revolution Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
strickland-n.txt Nimrod Strickland, 1807-1880; Politician (Democrat) Feb 2004 Candace Roth
strode-g.txt George Strode, -1757; Settled in East Bradford from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
stubbs-ji.txt Joseph I. Stubbs, 1818- ; Mercantile Businessman in East Nottingham Township Jul 2003 Candace Roth
stubbs-tk.txt Theodore Kirk Stubbs, 1847- ; Member of State Legislature and Prominent Attorney of Oxford Oct 2002 John Morris
suplee-ce.txt C. E. Suplee; 1804- ; Blacksmith and Farmer Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
suplee-ce1.txt C. E. Suplee; 1804- ; Blacksmith and Farmer Jul 2003 Joe Patterson
supplee-mf.txt Millard F. Supplee, Prominent Farmer of Westtown Twp. Aug 2002 John Morris
swayne.txt Swayne Family; Quaker Family that settled in East Marlborough township from England Aug 2006 Diana Quinones
swing-ev.txt Dr. E. V. Swing, 1840- ; Medical Doctor of West Caln Twp. Jul 2003 Candace Roth
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