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Filename Description Date Submitter
padgett-d.txt David Padgett, Carpenter, London Derry Twp. Oct 2005 Steve Padgett
painter-h.txt Henry Painter, 1849-1893 ; Manager of the Delaware & Atlantic Telephone Company Jan 2003 John Morris
painter-s.txt Samuel Painter, Settled in Birmingham from England Oct 2004 Candace Roth
palmer-j.txt John Palmer; Emigrated from England in 1688 to Concord May 2004 Sandra Ferguson
palmer-m.txt Marshall Palmer; 1837- ; Farmer of West Marlborough May 2003 John Morris
parke-t.txt Thomas Parke, abt. 1660-1738; Settled in East Caln Jul 2009 Lew Smedley
paschal-i.txt Isaac Paschal; 1836- ; Farmer of Easttown and Civil War Soldier Mar 2003 John Morris
passmore-cs.txt Charles Sumner Passmore; 1858- ; Real Estate and Loan Businessman Jul 2009 John Morris
passmore-j.txt John Passmore, -1746; Settled in Kennet from England Aug 2003 Candace Roth
passmore-lc.txt Leroy Chase Passmore; 1854- ; Coal, Lumber and Grain Merchant Apr 2003 John Morris
passmore-of.txt Oscar Freemont Passmore; 1857- ; Carnation Cultivator Apr 2003 John Morris
patterson-rm.txt Rev. Robert Mayne Patterson D.D., LL. D.; Pastor of Great Valley Presbyterian Church Feb 2003 John Morris
paul-j.txt Joseph Paul, -1717; Of England Nov 2008 Lew Smedley
pearson-im.txt Isaac M. Pearson, 1826- ; Proprietor of the Toughkenamon spoke and wheel factory Dec 2005 John Morris
peirce-g.txt George Peirce, 1818- ; Resident of Thornbury Twp. from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
William Penn, 1644-1718; The Ghost of William Penn: My Happiest Times I Spent in Delco by Thomas R. Smith Jan 2011 Thomas Smith
pennock-s.txt Samuel Pennock, Inventor of Agricultural Machinery, Kennett Square Aug 2002 John Morris
pennypacker.txt Pennypacker Family; Emigrated from England in 1688 to Concord Sep 2004 Sandra Ferguson
pennypacker-uv.txt Uriah V. Pennypacker; 1809-1867; Member of Supreme Court Aug 2006 Diana Quinones
philips-ev.txt E. Vinton Philips, 1859- ; Proprietor of Flouring Mill at Downingtown Jun 2003 John Morris
phillips-e.txt Evan Phillips, d. 1732; Lived in Whiteland Feb 2009 Lew Smedley
philips-j.txt Joseph Philips, 1716-1792; Settled near West Chester from Wales Sep 2008 Sandra Ferguson
phillips-jt.txt Joseph Trimble Phillips, Rose Grower and Florist; West Grove. Aug 2002 John Morris
phillips-wh.txt William Henry Phillips, 1842- ; Businessman and Civil War Soldier Apr 2003 John Morris
phipps-js.txt James S. Phipps, 1823- ; Prosperous Farmer of Uwchlan Township Jan 2003 John Morris
pickering-b.txt Benjamin Pickering, 1798- ; Cooper and Carpenter in East Nottingham Twp. Jul 2003 Candace Roth
pickering-c.txt Sketch of Charles Pickering  from The History of Chester County by Futhey and Cope (1881)  Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
piersol-l.txt Lewis Piersol, 1818- ; Farmer of Tredyffrin Twp. Dec 2005 John Morris
pim.txt The Pim Family; Settled in East Caln Twp. of Ireland and England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
pinkerton-s.txt Samuel Pinkerton; b. 1770 Sep 2011 Sandra Ferguson
potts-d.txt David Potts 1794-1863: War of 1812 Veteran and in charge of Warwick Furnace May 2006 Diana Quinones
pott0001.txt Henry and David, Jr. Potts 1795-1860: Chester and Montgomery Counties Nov 1997 Marie Malark
power-j.txt Rev. James Power, D.D., 1746-1830; Presbyterian Minister Jul 2003 Candace Roth
preston-a.txt Ann Preston, -1872; Student and later Dean of Faculty of the Woman's Medical College Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
pugh-e.txt Evan Pugh, 1828-1864; Opened Jordan Bank Seminary in East Nottingham and President of the Agricultural College of Pennsylvania. Jul 2008 Lew Smedley
pugh-jb.txt Joseph Bernard Pugh, Esq., -1877; Born in Unionville, Politician of MD Sep 2003 Sandra Ferguson
pusey-c.txt Caleb Pusey, -1726-7; Early Settler, Established a Mill and Served in Several Civil Roles Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
pusey-e.txt Edwin Pusey, 1841- ; Farming, Stock Raising and Dairying Apr 2003 John Morris
pusey-i.txt Israel Pusey, 1811-1879 ; Morocco Manufacturer and Capitalist May 2003 John Morris
pusey-jb1.txt Joel B. Pusey, 1833- ; Dairy Owner on 'Ellicott Farm,' in Avondale Mar 2005 John Morris
pusey-j.txt John Pusey; Resident of London, Landowner in PA Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
pusey-jb.txt Joshua B. Pusey, 1806-1883; Miller and Farmer of Londongrove Twp. Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
pusey-wj.txt William Joseph Pusey, 1870- ; Farmer and Owner of 'Meadow View Farm' in London Grove Mar 2005 John Morris
pyle-j.txt Joseph Pyle; From England, settled in Marlborough Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
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