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Filename Description Date Submitter
macelree-ww.txt Wilmer W. MacElree, 1859- ; Lawyer of West Chester Jan 2003 John Morris
macfarland-dm.txt David McConkey MacFarland, 1839- ; Businessman of Chester County Mar 2007 John Morris
macfeat-w.txt Walter MacFEAT, 1838- ; Postmaster of Spring City Mar 2007 John Morris
macfee-j.txt Jacob MacFee/McAfee, 1847- ; Farmer of East Nantmeal Feb 2003 Gail Steckel
mackelduff-sc.txt Samuel C. Mackelduff, 1841- ; Farmer of Honeybrook Township Aug 2003 John Morris
mackey-j.txt John Mackey; -1787; Member of the Constitutional Convention of July 15, 1776 Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
maclay-w.txt William Maclay, 1737-1804; Senator Aug 2003 Candace Roth
malin-js.txt John Malin, Sr., -1854; Farmer and East Whiteland Meeting Member Jun 2003 Candace Roth
malin-r.txt Randal Malin; Settled in Upper Providence from England Jun 2003 Candace Roth
march-jf.txt John Franklyn March; 1867- , Farmer in Charlestown Township Sep 2006 Diana Quinones
margerum-cs.txt Cyrus S. Margerum, 1846- ; Manager of the Cedar Valley Lime Company Apr 2003 John Morris
marsh-whh.txt Rev. Wm. H. H. Marsh; 1836- ; Clergyman of the Baptist Church Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
marshall-a.txt Abraham Marshall; 1669-1767 ; Settled in West Bradford Twp from England Sep 2004 Sandra Ferguson
marshall-h.txt Humphry Marshall, 1722-1801; Botanist Mar 2003 John Morris
marshall-tw.txt Thomas W. Marshall, 1843- ; Banking firm of T. W. Marshall & Co., West Chester Apr 2003 John Morris
mart0001.txt Thomas Martin of Uwchlan Twp and John Martin of Chichester Twp Nov 1997 Tom Martin
martin-t.txt Thomas Martin and Family; Settled in Middletown from Wiltshire Feb 2003 Gail Steckel
massey-cd.txt Charles D. Massey, 1828- ; Farmer of Frazer Jan 2003 John Morris
massey-i.txt Isaac Massey, M.D., 1838- ; Physician at West Chester Nov 2005 John Morris
massey-t.txt Thomas Massey, -1708; Resided within the bounds of Chester Monthly Meeting  Jul 2003 Candace Roth
matlack-jb.txt Joaquin B. Matlack, 1868- ; Business Man Jan 2003 John Morris
matlack-w.txt William Matlack, -Arrived on the Ship "Kent" in 1677 Jul 2003 Candace Roth
may-a.txt Addison May, 1811-1892 ; Lawyer Apr 2003 John Morris
may-r.txt Robert May and Descendents; 1724-1749 ; Of Maryland May 2006 Diana Quinones
mcaden-h.txt Rev. Hugh McAden; Presbyterian Pastor Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
mccain-s.txt Susanna McCain/McKean, -abt. 1730; Settled in New London from Ireland Feb 2004 Candace Roth
mccauley-lg.txt Major L. G. McCauley, 1837- ; Civil War Union Officer Jan 2003 John Morris
mccullough-j.txt James McCullough, 1758-1783; Revolutionary Soldier Aug 2003 Candace Roth
mccullough-s.txt Sanders McCullough, 1809-1885 ; Farmer Jan 2003 John Morris
mcdowell-j.txt James McDowell, 1740-1815; Settled in Oxford Twp. from Ireland Feb 2004 Candace Roth
mcdowell-tr.txt Rev. Thomas Rankin McDowell, 1855- ; Pastor of Upper Octoraro Presbyterian Church Mar 2003 John Morris
mcfarland-wm.txt William Morgan McFarland, 1847- ; Mason Apr 2003 John Morris
mckean-t.txt Hon. Thomas McKean, LL. D., 1734-1817; Governor of Pennsylvania and Signer of the Declaration of Independence Jan 2003 John Morris
mckean-w.txt William McKean, abt. 1707- ; Tavernkeeper in Londonderry from Ireland Feb 2004 Candace Roth
mcmillan-j.txt Rev. John McMillan D.D., 1752-1833; Born in Fagg's Manor Feb 2005 Candace Roth
mendenhall-jb.txt John and Benjamin Mendenhall, Settled in Concord from England Feb 2004 Candace Roth
mercer-t.txt Thomas Mercer; -1716; Settler in Westtown Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
meredith-rt.txt R. T. Meredith, 1839- ; Contractor on Masonry Work Mar 2003 John Morris
michener.txt Michener Family Mar 2003 John Morris
michener1.txt Michener Family Feb 2005 Candace Roth
michener-a.txt Amos Michener, 1819- ; Secretary of the Parkesburg Iron Company Jan 2003 John Morris
michener-n.txt Dr. Nathan Michener, 1775-1866; Medical Practitioner of South Coventry Feb 2005 Candace Roth
milhous-t.txt Thomas Milhous; Settled in New Garden from Ireland Jul 2003 Candace Roth & Sandra Ferguson
miller-a.txt Addison Miller, 1855- ; Proprietor of the Vincent and Exeter Creameries Mar 2003 John Morris
miller-g.txt Gayen Miller, d. 1742; Land owner in Kennet & New Garden Twps. Nov 2008 Lew
miller-jk.txt Joseph Kendall Miller, 1837- ; Farmer Feb 2003 John Morris
mills-mw.txt Mary Wherry Mills, 1772-1835; Daughter of David & Margaret Wherry.  Born in Chester Co. Mar 2004 Terry Mossop
mills-w.txt William Mills, 1749-1842 ; Rev. War Soldier May 2006 Dan Lindley & Faith Lindley Smith
mobry-c.txt Charles Mobry, 1777-1838; Editor and Publisher of the Temperate Zone and American Republican Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
mock-w.txt William Mock, 1835- ; Farmer near Anselma Jul 2004 John Morris
mode-a.txt Alexander Mode; Family Settled in  East Fallowfield Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
montgomery-th.txt Thomas H. Montgomery, 1830- ; President of the American Fire Insurance Company, of Philadelphia Mar 2003 John Morris
montgomer-w.txt William Montgomery 1736-1816 Oct 2001 Judy Ardine
moore-a.txt Andrew Moore, Settled in Sadsbury in 1728 Sep 2011 Sandra Ferguson
moore-cc.txt Charles Carroll Moore, 1823- ; Farmer of Upper Uwchlan Mar 2004 Sandra Ferguson
moore-w.txt William Moore, 1802- ; Engaged in Driving, Buying and Settling Cattle Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
Jacob B. Morgan; 1814- ; cashier of the National Bank of Phoenixville May 2006 Diana Quinones
morton-j.txt John Morton, 1724-1777; Signer of the Declaration of Independence Jul 2003 Candace Roth
morton-rt.txt Rebecca Taylor Morton; 1807- ; Daughter of Rebecca Taylor & Sketchley Morton Mar 2007 Sandra Ferguson
morton-rw.txt Robert W. Morton, 1817- ; Farmer and Surveyor, John W. Morton,  1824- ; Farmer in Honeybrook Jul 2003 Candace Roth
moses-oe.txt O. E. Moses, 1849- ; Prominent Merchant of Anselma Feb 2003 John Morris
mowry-c.txt Charles Mowry, 1777-1838; Editor and Publisher of the Temperate Zone and American Republican Jul 2003 Candace Roth
moylan-s.txt Stephen Moylan; 1734 ; Revolutionary officer Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
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