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Filename Description Date Submitter
lamborn-wp.txt Wendell P. Lamborn, 1862- ; Dentist of West Chester Sep 2002 John Morris
lancaster-t.txt Thomas Lancaster, 1864- ; Proprietor of the Charlestown Flouring Mills Mar 2007 John Morris
landis-gw.txt George W. Landis, 1832- ; Business Man of Pottstown and Farmer Dec 2002 John Morris
larkin-j.txt John Larkin; Forgeman at Sarum Iron Works, in Thornbury Jun 2003 Candace Roth
latta-fa.txt Rev. Francis A. Latta, 1766-1834; Established the Moscow Academy in Sadsbury Jan 2004 Sandra Ferguson
latta-jy.txt John Y Latta, 1827- ;Farmer and stock dealer of Parkesburg Feb 2007 John Morris
laubaugh-j.txt Johannes Laubaugh, 1733- ; Farm Owner in Pikeland Twp. Jan 2004 Sandra Ferguson
lawrence-wj.txt William John Lawrence, 1857- ; Contractor and Builder Feb 2008 Joy Fisher
lee-f.txt Francis Lee, 1749-1815; Served in Rev. War, Immigrant from Ireland Aug 2007 Kathy DeFoster Hudson
levis-c.txt Christopher Levis, -1677; Of England Jun 2003 Candace Roth
lewis-wh.txt Walter H. Lewis, 1862- ; Stenographer of the Fifteenth Judicial District of Pennsylvania Jun 2003 John Morris
lightfoot-t.txt Thomas Lightfoot, abt 1695-1725; Settler in New Garden from Ireland Jun 2003 Candace Roth
little-rm.txt Roger M. Little, 1845- ; Farmer and Leading Small Fruit Grower of Charlestown Township Mar 2007 John Morris
longstreth-b.txt Bartholomew Longstreth, 1679-1949, Of England Sep 2008 Lew
lockerman-g.txt Govert Lockerman or Loockerman, Of Holland Jul 2008 Lew
lowden-j.txt John Lowden, -1713-14; A Noted Quaker Preacher Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
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