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Filename Description Date Submitter
hadley-s.txt Simon Hadley, Settled in New Garden Twp. from Ireland Sep 2003 Sandra Ferguson
haines-j.txt John & Joseph Haines, Settlers to NJ, Joseph then moved to Nottingham Mar 2007 Sandra Ferguson
haines-t.txt Hon. Townsend Haines, d. 1763 ; Lawyer, Member of PA House of Representatives and Treasurer of the U.S. Jun 2003 John Morris
halderman-ir.txt Isaac R. Halderman, 1828- ; Farmer and Miller of North Coventry Feb 2003 John Morris
hall-s.txt Samuel Hall, -1738; Weaver of Kennet Jul 2003 Candace Roth
hall-s1.txt Samuel Hall, d. 1737; Settled in Springfield Twp. Sep 2008 Lew Smedley
hallman-hs.txt Henry S. Hallman, 1844- ; Stockholder and Director of the Spring City Bloom Works Company Feb 2003 John Morris
halteman-bh.txt Benjamin H. Halteman, 1842- ; Farmer Feb 2003 John Morris
hamill-mf.txt Millard F. Hamill, 1850- ; Cashier of the Parkesburg National bank Jan 2003 John Morris
hamill-r.txt Robert Hamill, 1801-1876; Family Settled in West Fallowfield Jul 2003 Candace Roth
hannum-ch.txt Curtis H. Hannum, 1850- ; Lawyer and Director in the Edison Electric Illuminating Company of West Chester Jun 2003 John Morris
hannum-j.txt John Hannum, 1768-1822; Farmer Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
harlan-ad.txt Hon. Abram Douglas Harlan, 1833- ; State Senator and Marshal of the United States Circuit Court Feb 2003 John Morris
harlan-je.txt Dr. Justin Edward Harlan, 1860- ; Dentist of West Chester Nov 2005 John Morris
harlan-m.txt Michael Harlan, Of England about 1687 Aug 2009 Lew Smedley
harper-j.txt John Harper, Rev. War Major Jun 2004 Sandra Ferguson
harris-r.txt Rachel Harris, One time a Slave, Lived in West Chester Jul 2003 Candace Roth
harris-ws.txt William Smith Harris, 1855- ; Member of the Chester County Bar Nov 2005 John Morris
harry-jp.txt Joseph P. Harry, 1842- ; Prominent Farmer of West Pikeland Two. Aug 2003 John Morris
hart-hc.txt Harry C. Hart, 1859- ; Merchant of Kenilworth Mar 2007 John Morris
hart-j.txt John Hart, 1743-1786; Member of the Constitutional Convention Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
Hartman Family; of Prussia (w/image of George Hartman) Aug 2006 Diana Quinones
hartman-ww.txt Rev. William W. Hartman, 1842- ; Farmer, Plasterer and Stone Crushing Business Feb 2003 John Morris
hartshorne-j1.txt Joshua Harshorne, 1804- ; Engaged in Merchandising Aug 2003 Candace Roth
hartshorne-j.txt Hon. Joshua Hartshorne, 1808-1884; Served in the State Assembly and a Wealthy Iron Master Feb 2003 John Morris
harvey-w.txt William Harvey, 1678-1754; Malster from England.  Settled in Kennett Jan 2004 Sandra Ferguson
haslett-w.txt William Haslett, War of 1812 Soldier of West Fallowfield Twp. Aug 2003 Sandra Ferguson
hayes-h.txt Henry Hayes, Justice of the Peace and of Common Pleas, Landowner Aug 2003 Sandra Ferguson
hayes-j.txt John Hayes, d. 1766, of Oxford Sep 2011 Sandra Ferguson
hemphill-j.txt Hon. Joseph Hemphill, 1842-; Law Judge of Chester Co. Feb 2003 John Morris
henderson-j.txt John Henderson, Settled in New London from Ireland Aug 2003 Sandra Ferguson
hibberd-je.txt Joshua E. Hibberd, 1837-; Farmer of Malvern, and a Director in the National Bank of Chester County Jun 2003 John Morris
hicks-e.txt Edward Hicks, Resided on a Farm on Goshen Aug 2003 Candace Roth
hicks-fw.txt Francis Wilkinson Hicks, 1840-; Leading Designer of Fine Shoes. Apr 2003 John Morris
high-j.txt Jacob High 18276-; Farmer near Vincent Sep 2005 John Morris
high-s.txt Samuel High 1826-; Farmer of North Coventry Township Aug 2003 John Morris
hoge0001.txt Hoge Family History 1730's -: Chester/Cumberland/Fayette/Washington Cos Nov 1997 M Burns
or Ross B Kenzie
holland-j.txt John Holland, Member of Goshen Meeting Aug 2003 Candace Roth
hollingsworth-v.txt Valentine Hollingsworth; Native of England Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
hoopes-c.txt Caleb Hoopes, 1817- ; Farmer Feb 2003 John Morris
hoopes-j.txt Joshua Hoopes, d. abt. 1723; Settled in Bucks Co. May 2009 Lew Smedley
hoopes-t.txt Thomas Hoopes, 1834- ; Wheel Manufacturing Jan 2003 John Morris
hughes-cw.txt Charles W. Hughes, 1856- ; Grocery Business Man Dec 2002 John Morris
hull-jd.txt James D. Hull, 1872- ; Superintendent of Swarthmore College Mar 2003 John Morris
humphrey-j.txt Jacob Humphrey, 1751-1826; Captain in Revolutionary War and Member of State Legislature Feb 2003 Candace Roth
humpton-r.txt Col. Richard Humpton, 1733-1804; Resigned Commission on British Army and accepted Commission in Continental Army Feb 2003 Candace Roth
hunt-j.txt Joshua Hunt, 1785-1857; Member of Senate and House of Representatives of PA Feb 2003 Candace Roth
hurford-eh.txt Eber H. Hurford, 1802- ; Farmer of New Garden Twp. Mar 2003 John Morris
hurford-j.txt John Hurford, Settler from Triverton, in Devonshire Aug 2003 Candace Roth
hutton-j.txt Joseph Hutton; Settler in New Garden from Ireland Jun 2003 Candace Roth
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