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Filename Description Date Submitter
fairlamb-n.txt Nicholas Fairlamb; From England, Settled in Chester Jul 2003 Candace Roth
fetters-g.txt George Fetters, abt. 1760-1836; Rev. War Soldier Oct 2003 Sandra Ferguson
ferree-p.txt Philip Ferree (aka Fiere), 1686-1753; Settler from Germany Jul 2009 John McCullough
finkbiner-j.txt John Finkbiner, -1818 ; Farmer of Spring City Jan 2003 John Morris
finney-r.txt Robert Finney, abt. 1668-1755; Settler in New London Twp., Defender of Londonderry Aug 2003 Candace Roth
fisher-ew.txt Elwood W. Fisher, 1851- ; Largest Landholder of Charlestown Twp. Feb 2003 John Morris
fitzpatrick-j.txt James "Captain Fitz" Fitzpatrick, -1778; Robber and Plunderer of the Whigs of Chester Co. Jan 2003 John Morris
flemings.txt Fleming Family; From Scotland, settled in Caln Twp. May 2007 Sandra Ferguson
fling-d.txt David Fling; Weaver of East Bradford Jul 2003 Candace Roth
flint-j.txt Rev. John Flint, 1848- ; Preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and General Superintendent at Grander Stove Company Feb 2003 John Morris
flower-r.txt Richard Flower, -1748; From England, Settled in Londongrove Jul 2003 Candace Roth
forrester-r.txt Ralph Forrester; From Ireland, settled in Caln Twp. Aug 2003 Sandra Ferguson
forsythe-l.txt Lewis Forsythe, 1825- ; Farmer May 2003 John Morris
foulke-e.txt Edward Foulke, 1651-1741; From England - Autobiographical Sketch Jul 2003 Candace Roth
francis-cs1.txt Casper S. Francis, 1811- ; Farmer, Millwright and Carpenter Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
francis-cs.txt Casper Snyder Francis, 1811- ; Successful Business Man Feb 2003 John Morris
francis-j.txt John Francis, 1816- ; Successful Business Man of Kimberton Feb 2003 John Morris
fredd-j.txt John Fredd Family, ; Settled in Birmingham Twp. from Ireland Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
frick-e.txt Edwin Frick, 1819- ; Farmer Feb 2003 John Morris
frick-j.txt John Frick, German Emigrant to the Chester Valley Jul 2003 Candace Roth
frick-m.txt Montgomery Frick, 1860- ; Businessman of Spring City, and secretary of the Schuylkill Valley Stove Manufacturing Company Feb 2003 John Morris
funk-hd.txt Harry D. Funk, -1859; Farmer of East Pikeland Twp. Jun 2003 John Morris
funk-jl.txt Jacob L. Funk, -1824; Farmer, Fruit Grower, and Stockman Jun 2003 John Morris
funk-td.txt Thomas D. Funk, -1862; Farmer in the Pickering Creek Valley Jun 2003 John Morris
futhey-js.txt Hon. J. Smith Futhey, -1888; Author and President Judge of the Fifteenth Judicial District of Pennsylvania Feb 2003 John Morris
futhey-jl.txt James L. Futhey, 1822- ; Farmer of Highland Township Feb 2003 John Morris
futhey-ra.txt Robert Agnew Futhey, 1824- ; First School Superintendent of Chester Co. Feb 2003 John Morris
futhey-r.txt Robert Futhey, 1833- ; Civil War Veteran and Director of the Parkesburg National Bank Feb 2003 John Morris
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