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Filename Description Date Submitter
eaches-jt.txt John T. Eaches 1842-1889 ; Civil War Veteran and Bank Teller in Pheonixville Feb 2003 John Morris
eachus-h.txt Homer Eachus, 1821- ; Farmer of Edgemont Twp. Sep 2003 John Morris
eachus-r.txt Robert Eachus, -1927; Landowner in West Chester and resident in Goshen Aug 2003 Candace Roth
eachus-wh.txt William H. Eachus 1838- ; Proprietor of the Malvern Livery Stables Feb 2003 John Morris
earle-ab.txt Albert Boardman Earle, 1855- ; Insurance Businessman Apr 2003 John Morris
eavenson-t.txt Thomas Eavenson, -1726; Landowner in Thornbury Feb 2005 Candace Roth
edge-jp.txt John P. Edge, b. 1822; Medical Doctor and member of the Assembly Aug 2009 Lew Smedley
edmiston.txt James Edmiston; -1757 and Dr. Samuel Edmiston; Surgeon General Mar 2003 Cyndie Enfinger
edwards-w.txt William Edwards, -1717; Early Settler in Middletown Feb 2005 Candace Roth
ellis-j.txt Jarvis Ellis 1829-1892; Businessman of Downingtown and the Great Chester Valley Feb 2003 John Morris
ellis-nm.txt Col. Nathaniel M. Ellis 1821- ; Businessman and Soldier Feb 2003 John Morris
england-j.txt Joseph England, 1680-1748; Millwright from England, Settled in Nottingham Jul 2003 Candace Roth
england-w.txt William England; Of Willistown Jul 2003 Candace Roth
enrenzeller-j.txt Dr. Jacob Enrenzeller, 1757-1838; Medical Practitioner of Goshen Feb 2005 Candace Roth
entriken-jc.txt John C. Entriken 1849- ; Chemist and Mechanical Genius Jan 2003 John Morris
eppehimer-h.txt Henry Eppehimer 1835- ; Vice President Schuylkill Valley Stove Manufacturing Company, of Spring City Mar 2002 John Morris
evans-a.txt Abner Evans, Settled in East Nantmeal from Wales Sep 2004 Sandra Ferguson
evans-d.txt Daniel Evans, 1743-1820; Settled in Vincent Township from Wales Aug 2003 Candace Roth
evans-jk.txt John King Evans, M.D., 1860- ; Physician of Malvern Burough Mar 2007 John Morris
evans-w.txt William Evans, -1783; Of Vincent; Justice of the Peace. Sep 2004 Sandra Ferguson
eyre-r.txt Robert Eyre, 1648-1726; Clerk of the Courts of Chester County. Apr 2006 Judy Ardine
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