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Filename Description Date Submitter
darlington-fp.txt Frank P. Darlington 1850- ; Business Man of West Chester Jan 2003 John Morris
darlington-ig.txt Isaac G. Darlington 1808-1879 ; Farmer of West Chester Jan 2003 John Morris
darlington-j.txt John H. Darlington 1850- ; Farmer in East Bradford Twp. Mar 2002 John Morris
darlington-r.txt Richard Darlington b. 1834; Darlington Seminary Feb 2009 Lew Smedley
darlington-s.txt Stephen Darlington 1799-1884; Farmer Jan 2003 John Morris
darlington-w.txt Dr. William Darlington, LL. D. 1782-1863; Botanist and U.S. Congressman Feb 2003 John Morris
david-j.txt James David, (  -abt. 1744); Land Owner in Tredyffrin May 2004 Sandra Ferguson
davis-hw.txt H. W. Davis, 1858- ; Farmer of Charlestown Township Jun 2003 John Morris
davis-jb.txt Jesse B. Davis, 1831- ; Justice of the Peace at White Horse Feb 2003 John Morris
davis-j.txt John Davis, -1736; Of Radnorshire Oct 2004 Sandra Ferguson
davis-jh.txt John H. Davis, 1858- ; Senior Member of the Trading Firm of Davis & Mowrey Jun 2003 John Morris
davis-m.txt Mordecai Davis, 1829- ; Farmer of Chester Valley Jun 2003 John Morris
davis-wl.txt W. Latta Davis, 1816- ; Farmer Residing near Aldham Jun 2003 John Morris
davis-wh.txt William H. Davis, 1865- ; Farmer and Lumber business Dec 2008 J. Robison
davis-ww.txt William W. Davis, 1828- ; Farmer of Tredyffrin Jun 2003 John Morris
debeelen-b.txt Baron de Beelen, Of West Nantmeal Nov 2003 Sandra Ferguson
dehaven-h.txt Hugh De Haven, Banking Business Jun 2003 John Morris
dell-t.txt Thomas Dell, -1750; Settled in Ridley Twp. from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
denny-w.txt William Denny, -1784; Settled in Uwchlan Twp. Jul 2003 Candace Roth
denny-ww.txt William & Walter Denny Aug 2004 Sandra Ferguson
dewees-tb.txt Thomas B. Dewees, 1844- ; Businessman of Phoenixville and Civil War Veteran Jun 2003 John Morris
diehl-hj.txt Henry J. Diehl, 1850- ; Brick Manufacturer Feb 2003 John Morris
dilworth-j.txt James Dilworth, -1699; Emigrated from Thornbury, in Yorkshire Jul 2003 Candace Roth
dilworth-rb.txt Dr. Richard B. Dilworth, 1810-1851; Medical Doctor of Youngsburg Jul 2003 Candace Roth
dobson-jr.txt Gen. John Richesson Dobson, 1818- ; Superintendent in the Phoenix Iron-Works, Capt. of 1st Regt., Co. G, PA Res. Vol. Corps. in Civil War and Postmaster Jul 2003 Candace Roth
dorlan-jm.txt James M. Dorlan, 1807- ; Inventor of Compound for Sizing Gum Paper Pulp and Owner of Dorlan's Paper Mills Jul 2003 Candace Roth
dotterer-nf.txt Nathaniel F. Dotterer, 1839- ; Prosperous Farmer near Pottstown Feb 2003 John Morris
Joseph B. Downing, 1863; Civil War Veteran Dec 2009 Raymond Downing
downing-sr.txt Samuel Rhoads Downing, 1833- ; Proprietor and Editor of the Chester County Times Feb 2003 John Morris
downing-t.txt Thomas Downing, 1830- ; Farmer of Uwchlan Township Feb 2003 John Morris
William H. Downing, 1863; Killed in Action in the Civil War Dec 2009 Raymond Downing
dunlap-j.txt Rev. James Dunlap, D.D., 1744-1818 ; President of Jefferson College in Washington Co. Jul 2003 Candace Roth
dunn-td.txt Thomas D. Dunn, M.D., 1855- ; Physician and Surgeon of West Chester Mar 2003 John Morris
dutton-il.txt Isaac L. Dutton, 1838- ; Farmer of West Goshen Twp. Sep 2003 John Morris
dutton-j.txt John Dutton, -1693; Settled in Aston from Cheshire, England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
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