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Filename Description Date Submitter
babb-t.txt Thomas Babb, Resided in Brandywine Hundred Aug 2003 Candace Roth
baily-a1.txt D. Abraham Baily; 1760-1825, Physician Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baily-a.txt Abraham Baily; 1801-1873, Stone Mason of Parkerville Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baily-e.txt Ephraim Baily; 1803-1837, Stove and Tin Smith Businessman of Parkerville Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baily-j2.txt Jacob Baily; 1819-1871, Established a Large Foundry in Philadelphia Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baily-j.txt Joel Baily Family; Settled in Birmingham Twp. Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baily-jp.txt John P. Baily; 1805-1874, Civil Engineer and Judge Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baily-j1.txt Joseph Baily; 1810- , PA House of Representatives, Senate and State Treasurer. Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baily-s.txt Sarah Baily; 1814- , Principal Mathmatical Teacher of the Westtown Boarding School's Female Dept. Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baird-a.txt Dr. Absalom Baird, Physician in Revolution Feb 2005 Candace Roth
baker-j.txt John Baker; d. 1685, Of Shropshire, England Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baker-j1.txt Joseph Baker; d. 1716, Settled in Edgmont, Member of Assembly Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baker-j2.txt Joseph Baker; d. 1732, Of Edgmont Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baker-j3.txt Joshua Baker; b. 1678, Of Ireland Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baldwin-c.txt Caleb Baldwin, 1825-1888; Farmer Feb 2003 John Morris
baldwin-f.txt Francis Baldwin; Settled in Chester Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baldwin-j.txt John Baldwin; d. 1731, Carpenter, Early Settler in Aston Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baldwin-jh.txt Joseph H. Baldwin, 1862- ; Member of the Chester County Bar Feb 2006 John Morris
baldwin-t.txt Thomas Baldwin; d. 1731, Blacksmith of Chester Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baldwin-w.txt William Baldwin, M.D.; Surgeon and Botanist Jan 2003 John Morris
baldwin-w2.txt Dr. William Baldwin; b. 1778, Surgeon and Botanist Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
baldwin-w1.txt William Baldwin; d. 1746, Of Yorkshire, England Jun 2008 Sandra Ferguson
bane-a.txt Alexander Bane Family; of Goshen and Merion May 2003 Sandra Ferguson
bane-m.txt Mordecai Bane, -1747; Landowner in  Goshen Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
barker-m.txt Capt. Matthew Barker; 1806- ; Farmer of East Whiteland Township Feb 2003 John Morris
barnard.txt Barnard/Bernard Family, Settled near Chester from England. Feb 2004 Candace Roth
barnard-id.txt Hon. Isaac D. Barnard; 1791-1834; U. S. Senator Jan 2003 John Morris
barnard-j.txt Jeremiah Barnard; 1846- ; Businessman of West Marlborough Twp. May 2003 John Morris
bartram-j.txt John Bartram; 1699-1777; Botanist Jan 2003 John Morris
baugh-g.txt George Baugh, 1797-1865; Merchant and Farmer of East Coventry Jul 2003 Candace Roth
beale-ha.txt Horace A. Beale, 1827-1897 ; Iron Company Worker Mar 2002 John Morris
beale-j.txt Joseph Beale, 1839- ; PA Railroad Right of Way Agent Mar 2002 John Morris
beaver-f.txt Frank Beaver, 1857- ; Farmer of East Vincent Twp. Feb 2006 John Morris
bean-bf.txt Captain Benjamin Franklin Bean, 1835-; Civil War Veteran, Coal and Lumber Trade Aug 2003 John Morris
bean-h.txt Henry Bean, 1833-1890; Justice of the Peace in Schuylkill Township Feb 2003 John Morris
beaton-d.txt Daniel Beaton; of Charlestown Twp. Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
beaumont-t.txt Theodore Beaumont, 1848- ; Contractor and Businessman of Devon Mar 2007 John Morris
beaver-gh.txt George H. Beaver, 1858- ; Prosperous Farmer near New Centreville Feb 2003 John Morris
beck-l.txt Lorenzo Beck, 1812-  ; Edge Tool Maker of East Goshen Mar 2005 John Morris
beitler-jj.txt John Beitler, Jr., 1843- ; Postmaster and Successful General Merchant of Chester Valley Feb 2006 John Morris
bell-ts.txt Hon. Thomas S. Bell, 1800-1861; Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Mar 2007 John Morris
benner-d.txt Daniel Benner, 1820- ; Undertaker of East Coventry Twp. Feb 2006 John Morris
bennett-gs.txt George S. Bennett, 1858- ; Window Glass Manufacturing Firm of G. S. Bennett & Co. of Spring City Feb 2003 John Morris
Bingaman Family; of Germany (w/image of Levi Bingaman) Apr 2006 Diana Quinones
blair-j.txt Rev. John Blair, 1720-1771; of Ireland, Pastor of Fagg's Manor Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
blair-s.txt Rev. Samuel Blair, 1712-1751; of Ireland, Pastor of Fagg's Manor Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
bliss-ew.txt Rev. E. W. Bliss, 1820- ; Pastor of Willistown Baptist Church at Malvern Feb 2003 John Morris
bolmar-a.txt Jean Claude Antoine Brunin de Bolmar, 1797-1861; French Scholar and Educator in West Chester Mar 2002 John Morris
bond-s.txt Samuel Bond; Settled in West Whiteland. Member of Uwchlan Meeting May 2004 Sandra Ferguson
bonde-sa.txt Sven Andersson Bonde; 1661-1729 Sep 2008 Sandra Ferguson
bonsall-r.txt Richard Bonsall; From Derbyshire, settled in Upper Darby Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
bonzano-a.txt Adolphus Bonzano, (1830-  ); Member of the firm of Clark, Reeves and Co. in Phoenixville May 2004 Sandra Ferguson
bonzano-a1.txt Adolphus Bonzano, (1830-  ); Civil Engineer; Of Germany Nov 2005 John Morris
boyd0001.txt Joseph Cowan Boyd, 1799 - Feb 1998 Jo Ann Baxley.
boyer-aj.txt Aaron J. Boyer, (1862-  ); Justice of the Peace at Valley Forge, Telegraph Operator and Cigar Manufacturer. Mar 2006 John Morris
bradley-c.txt Charles Bradley, Of East Bradford Aug 2003 Candace Roth
brinton-hl.txt Henry L. Brinton, 1836- ; Journalist Jan 2003 John Morris
brinton-w.txt William Brinton, -1700; Settled in Birmingham Twp. from England. Feb 2004 Candace Roth
brooks-jc.txt Capt. James C. Brooks, 1843- ; President of the Southwort Foundry and Machine Company of Philadelphia Mar 2007 John Morris
broomall-j.txt John Broomall, (  -1729); Settled in Edgmont or Lower Providence May 2004 Sandra Ferguson
brosius-h.txt Henry Brosius, Farm Owner or West Fallowfield Aug 2003 Candace Roth
brower-w.txt Dr. William Brower, 1842- ; Medical Practitioner of Spring City Aug 2003 Candace Roth
brownback-g.txt Garret Brownback, -1758; Founder of Brownback's Reformed Church Aug 2003 Candace Roth
brownback-ge.txt Garrett Elwood Brownback, 1846- ; Retailer in Butter Business Feb 2003 John Morris
brownback-hi.txt Harry I. Brownback, 1850- ; Vault Clerk in the Sub-Treasury at Philadelphia Feb 2003 John Morris
brownback-jc.txt Jacob C. Brownback, 1840- ; Farmer of Anselma and Civil War Soldier Feb 2003 John Morris
brownback-lc.txt Lewis C. Brownback, 1837- ; Farmer near Stonaker Feb 2003 John Morris
buchanan-j.txt Rev. James Buchanan; 1783-1843, Presbyterian Pastor Sep 2011 Sandra Ferguson
buckwalter.txt Buckwalter Family; From Germany, settled in Londonderry & Upper Uwchlan Jun 2003 Sandra Ferguson
buckwalter-j.txt John Buckwalter, 1856- ; Farmer near Kenilworth Dec 2005 John Morris
buckwalter-jh.txt John Henry Buckwalter, 1837- ; Ex-treasurer of Chester county, and a farmer and businessman of the Schuylkill Valley Dec 2005 John Morris
buckwalter-s.txt Samuel Buckwalter, 1801-; Lived on Farm in Charlestown Twp. Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
buffington-r.txt Richard Buffington Family, -1747/8; Land Owner of East Bradford and Fork of Brandywine Aug 2003 Candace Roth
bull-l.txt Levi Bull, D.D.; 1780-1858, Founder of St. Mary's Church in Warwick Apr 2006 Diana Quinones
bull-t1.txt Col. Thomas Bull, 1744-1837; Revolutionary Officer and Citizen of Warwick Twp. Apr 2006 Diana Quinones
bull-t.txt Col. Thomas Bull, 1744-1837; Revolutionary Officer and Citizen of Warwick Twp. Mar 2004 John Morris
burns-wh.txt W. H. Burns, (1857-  ); Owner and Operator of the Berwyn Planing Mill Nov 2005 John Morris
butler-n.txt Noble Butler, (  - abt 1801); Disowned from Uwchlan Meeting May 2004 Sandra Ferguson
buzzerd-s.txt Simeon Buzzerd, 1806- ; Hatter and Farmer Feb 2003 John Morris
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