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A Surnames

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Filename Description Date Submitter
abraham-d.txt David Abraham, 1814- ; Farmer of Centreville Aug 2005 John Morris
ackenbach-w.txt William Ackenbach, 1842- ; Farmer of Charlestown Feb 2007 John Morris
acker-c.txt Conrad Acker, 1802- ; Farmer of Tredyffrin Twp. Jul 2003 Candace Roth
adamson.txt Adamson Family; of near Phoenixville Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
aldred-tj.txt Thomas J. Aldred, 1803-1880; Prominent Member of Grove Methodist Episcopal Church Jul 2003 Candace Roth
allen-e.txt Edgar Allen, M.D., 1861- ; Medical Practice in Warwick Twp. Feb 2004 John Morris
allen-j.txt John Allen, 1694-1771; Settled in Londongrove Jul 2003 Candace Roth
allison-f.txt Francis Allison, D.D., 1705-1779 ; Classical Scholar and Presbyterian Divine Jun 2003 John Morris
altemus-l.txt Leonard Altemus, 1763-1826 Feb 2005 Candace Roth
amos-jr.txt James Ralston Amos, 1825-1864; Inspired Establishment of Ashum Institute May 2003 Coni Uzelac
anderson-i.txt Hon. Isaac Anderson, 1760-1838; Rev. War Soldier and Member of Congress Feb 2007 John Morris
anderson-j.txt Dr. James Anderson; Medical Doctor Sep 2008 Sandra Ferguson
anderson-p.txt Capt. Patrick Anderson; Capt. in Rev. War Sep 2008 Sandra Ferguson
andrews-a.txt Alexander Andrews, abt. 1759-1816; Settled on East Bank of Octorara Feb 2005 Candace Roth
apple-w.txt Capt. William Apple, 1796-1872; Copper and Timsmith of West Chester Feb 2005 Candace Roth
arnold-r.txt Richard Arnold, -1720; Settled in Thornbury Feb 2005 Candace Roth
ash-dh.txt Daniel Heinrich Esch/Ash, 1717- ; Profession of Apothecary Feb 2005 Candace Roth
ash-j.txt Joshua Ash, Of Darby Feb 2005 Candace Roth
ashbridge-eb.txt Edward Baker Ashbridge, 1827- ; Farmer of East Goshen Twp. May 2003 John Morris
ashbridge-g.txt George Ashbridge, Arrived 1698, Settled in Edgemont Feb 2005 Candace Roth
ashbridge-g1.txt George Ashbridge, -1773, Elected to Assembly in 1743 Feb 2005 Candace Roth
ashbridge-g2.txt George Ashbridge, Settled in Milltown prior to 1755 Feb 2005 Candace Roth
ashbridge-gd.txt George D. Ashbridge, 1818- ; Farmer of West Chester Feb 2003 John Morris
ashenfelter-h.txt Henry Ashenfelter; Civil War Veteran and Attorney Sep 2008 Sandra Ferguson
askew-w.txt William Askew, Settled in Chichester from England Jul 2003 Candace Roth
aston-g.txt George Aston, -1738; Justice of the Peace, Resident of Caln Twp. Jul 2003 Candace Roth
atherton-g.txt Grace Atherton, Settle in Whiteland Twp., from England Aug 2003 Candace Roth
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