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Deeds & Land Records
Alleman, Henry, to Alleman, Margaret Jackson; White Twp.; 8 Sep 1869 Jun 2008 Jan Kuhn
Crumenacher, Joseph, to Sharp, George; Allegheny Twp.; 12 Oct 1846 Aug 2010 Lois Jones
Flick, Andrew W. et ux, to Hammond, Peter C.; Munster Twp.; 27 Dec 1916 Feb 2011 Lois Jones
Flick, Charles, to Flick, Jerome; Allegheny Twp.; 17 Nov 1896 Aug 2010 Lois Jones
Flick, Jerome, to Flick, Andrew; Munster Twp.; 14 Feb 1916 Mar 2011 Lois Jones
Hegarty, Samuel, to Jackson, Andrew T. & Margaret; Reed Twp.; 28 Feb 1884 May 2008 Jan Kuhn
Jackson, Margaret, to Glasgow, William; White Twp.; 4 Jun 1877 Feb 2010 Jan Kuhn
Klein, Charles F., to Klein, Anthony; Elder Twp.; 2 Oct 1902 Aug 2010 Lois Jones
Kline, Alma et. vir., to Flick, Andrew; Munster Twp.; 28 Dec 1915 Feb 2011 Lois Jones
Kline, Mary A., to First Natl Bank Patton; Elder Twp.; 5 Aug 1932 Jan 2011 Lois Jones
Kline, Mary A., to Thomas, Raymond; Elder Twp.; 28 Oct 1919 Sep 2010 Lois Jones
Kline, Mary A., to Abel, John; Elder Twp.; 7 Jul 1916 Nov 2010 Lois Jones
Kline, Victor, to Miller Run Coal Mining Co; Elder Twp.; 13 Mar 1930 Jan 2011 Lois Jones
Kuhn, George B. M., to McCartney, James; Reed Twp.; 11 Apr 1888 Jun 2008 Jan Kuhn
Kuhn, G. B. to Woodle, W. M; Reade Twp.; 11 Mar 1897 Mar 2010 Jan Kuhn
McCartney, James, to Kuhn, G. B.; Reed Twp.; 22 Jun 1891 Jun 2008 Jan Kuhn
McCoy, John, to Sharp, George; Allegheny Twp.; 21 Dec 1848 Aug 2010 Lois Jones
Seymore, Geo. & Phillip, to Sharp, George; Munster Twp.; 12 Apr 1875 Sep 2010 Lois Jones
Sharp & Flick to Amsbry, W.W.; Munster Twp.; 30 Dec 1896 Oct 2010 Lois Jones
Sharp & Flick, to Amsbry, W.W.; Allegheny Twp.; 11 Aug 1897 Oct 2010 Lois Jones

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