St. Paul's UCC (also know as the Amityville Church) was built on a
tract of land granted by William Penn in 1704.

The first church was built of log in 1753 and used as a church and a school.

Sept. 18, 1795 the cornerstone for the second church was laid. 1797,
the new stone church was dedicated and the log meeting house was torn down.

In 1840, the young people became dissatisfied with the services in
German and broke away from the church and in 1844 they built a church
north of the present building .

In 1848, the mother church begain alternate serveces in English and in
1890, the German services were discontinued. The young people began to
return to the mother church.

On Aug. 12, 1872, the cornerstone for a brick church was laid and the
stone church torn down.

On June 11, 1922 a tornado leveled the brick church. The present yellow
brick church was dedicated in May, 1925.

A special thanks to Rev. Patrick Morris, Sr. for supplying the church's history.



Often mistaken for the old Amityville church. This is,
in fact, the old Amityville Union Sunday School.

They are in the process of revenovating. I believe it was built around 1889.



Near Amityville is
Zion's Church, commonly known as Spies's Church.
It was established in 1774.
A new church was built in 1810 and the cemetery added in 1860.

The Rev. Thomas T. Iaeger was the Lutheran pastor for 30 years.
The Rev. A.S. Leinbach was the Reformed pastor for 15 years.

Zion's Church

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