The first church was built in 1774 and the present day church was built in 1810.
The congergation split and another twin church called Grace Alsace was
built at the same location.

The Lutheran Church was established in 1740 along with the cemetery.
(Church on the left.)

The Reformed Church on the right was built in 1850 and the cemetery
added in 1854.

These churches sit on a hill on the Kutztown Road in Reading, Pa.



Charles Evans was born in Philadelphia, Pa on March 30, 1768. He was the
son of David and Letita (Thomas) Evans.
Mr. Evans was admitted to the bar in June, 1791, and two months later he
moved to Reading, Pa to practice law.
In 1846 he founded Charles Evans Cemetery in Reading, Pa. He was married to
Mary Keene, daughter of Reynold and Christiana (Stille) Keene of
Philadelphia, Pa.
Mr. Evans died on September 5, 1847 and is buried here.

Charles Evans Stone


Rev. Thomas Iaeger was the son of Rev. G. F. I. Iaeger.
Born in Greenwich Township on Aug. 26, 1826. Some of his churches include:
Zion's Church, Shalter Church, Alsace Church, Heidelburg Church,
Bern Township Church, Spring Township Church, Kissinger's Church.

Rev. Iaeger died MAY 13, 1888. He was a pastor for 40 years. His funeral
was so largely attended some where forced to stand outside the church.
He is buried at Charles Evans Cemetery in Reading, PA.



Rising seven stories, 886 above the City of Reading.
1,200 feet above sea level. Cost $50,000
28 feet long, 72 feet high walls are 5 feet thick at base,
tapering to 2 feet at the top of the second story.
From the second story to the top the walls are frame
covered with terra cotta tile shingles.
Roof: 5 overhanging with upswept corners.
Portico: Oringinally of wood, replace by concrete in 1949.
Interior Walls are of concrete plaster, floors are concrete.
Trim, is solid oak. 87 steps to the top.

At the turn of the century, William Abbott Witman, Sr. bought 10 acres
on top of Mt. Penn to quarry its stone. When the residents complained
it was an eye sore he abandon the operation.

Witman fell in love with a post card from the Philippines that a friend
had shown him, he hired Charles Matz and his father James to build a
similar structure intended to be a luxury hotel. When he couldn't get a
license to serve alcohol the Pagoda fell into the hands of a local bank.

Reading Pagoda at night

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