Johannes Dunckel arrived in Philadelphia, Pa. on Aug. 29, 1730. In 1746 he located in Greenwich Township, Lenhardtsville, Pa. This was his farm. The picture was taken in Aug. of 1997.

1746, Dec. the 6., I, Johannes Dunckel, purchased a spot of ground by
Conrad Koch about 125 acres

1761. Aug.10., I, Johannes Dunckel, did move to the Mill House.

1761, March 6., died Frederick Loeshow.

1758, Feb. 4., was born a daughter to Frederick Loeshow. Her name is Catharine.

1761. Aug. 13., was born to Fredrick Loeshow a daughter. Her name is Magdalena.

1756, Feb. 21., was born a son to Fredrick Loeshow. His names is Johannes.

1771 Jan 5., died Michael Herman on hepatic emollition at 10 o'clock.

1767, Dec. 24, died my mother. Her name was Elizabeth. She arrived an age at 90 years, 3 months, 5 days.

1781, Feb. 28, died the wife of Johannes Dunckel. Her name was Anna Margaret
Dunckel. She brought her life to seventy years, three months and five days.
They lived together in matrimony fifty five years, three months and some days.

1781 Sept. 3., I, Johannes Dunckel, took a wife. her name is Catharine Dunkel.

Today November the 23rd. 1787 died Johannes Dunckel. His age was eighty four years, one month and thirteen days.
He had lived in Matrimony with his last wife five years. Her name was Anna Catharina.

1793 died 28th of November the old Peter Dunkel. And brought his life on
this world to fifty nine years and ten months. He lived with his wife Maria
Catharina in Matrimony thirty years and six months.
Text: Isaiah 38. Chapter, Verse 1: Set thine house in order for thou
shalt die and not live.

March the 8, 1818 died Catharina Dunkel. She brought her life up to 80 years.
Text: 2nd Timothy 1st Chapter, Verse 12: For which cause I also suffer
these things, nevertheless I am not ashamed and am persuaded that he is able
to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.


Dunkel's school was built in 1869 on the land owned by Jacob Leiby. The school than became the Leiby School closing in the 1950's. The schoolhouse is now a private home.

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