In 1744, the German Reformed who lived in Greenwich Township were given 2 acres of ground for the purpose of building a church, by Mr. Conrad Koch. It was known as "Dunkel's Kirche" due to the connection with the Dunkel family who had a farm to the west of the church. Between 1744 and 1790, about 40 more acres of land was acquired.

In 1790 the congregation decided to build a new church. The second church was built during George Washington's presidency. In 1824 the church was renovated under the supervision of George Dietrich and John Lenhart. The renewed church was consecrated on Oct. 6, 1824 by the Rev. Benjamin Herman, Lutheran, and the Rev. Augustus Herman, Reformed. The name "New Jerusalem Church" (Dunkel's Kirche) was given. A new school house was also built.

The timber for the church was brought by sled from Williamsport, PA. during the winter, by the Merkels, Dunkels, Dietrichs, and Leibys.

In 1859 the congregation decided to build a new church of brick. The corner-stone was laid on June 12, 1859. They were assisted in building the church by Henry Fisher who lived west of Dunkel's Church.

The Building Committee consisted of:



Cap't George Heinly

Jacob Dunkel

John Merkel

John Reinhart

George Dietrich

Manasses K. Dreibelbis

Benjamin Dietrich

Epharim Dreibelbis

Samuel Heinly

Peter Kline

In 1901, the tower was erected and a bell installed.
In 1951, the church was renovated.
Dunkel's Church as since been boarded up and is inactive.

Dunkel's Church


In memory of Peter Dunckel - Born Jan 28, 1734 Died Nov 28, 1793; son of
Johannes Dunckel - Born Oct. 10, 1703 Died Feb. 28, 1781 and; grandson of
Elizabeth Dunckel - Born Sept. 19, 1677 Died Dec. 24, 1767.
His ancestors immigrated from Germany Aug. 29, 1730 and homesteaded about
800 yards west of here in 1746 and are buried in unmarked graves. His body
lies beneath this stone.
He was the father of John, Jacob, Peter, Michael, Catharine Reinhart,
Elizabeth Seidler, Eva Seyler and Rosina Seyler.

Erected by Samuel L. Dunkel - Descendant

Buried at Dunkel's Church Cemetery in Lenhartsville, PA, Berks County.



In memory of David Heinly - Born Oct. 17, 1728 Died Oct. 3, 1784
Emigrated from Germany in 1774
Erected by his descendant to their first American Ancestor
Aug. 15, 1903 at the fifth annual Heinly Family Reunion

At Dunkel's Church Cemetery in Lenhardtsville, PA, Berks County.

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