United Methodist Cemetery

(Idaville Cemetery)



Adams County, Pennsylvania


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Idaville Cemetery Church Idaville Cemetery Sign

All photos contributed by Harry Senft



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   Tombstone Images

Adlesberger, Arnold

Baker, Black, Bream, Bricker, Brouylur, Byers

Clapper, Cooley, Cully

Davis, Day, Deitz, Dull



Galloway, Gardner, Griest, Grose, Group, Groupe, Guise

Heller, Herman, Hoffman

Kennedy, Koons, Koontz, Kuhn, Kuntz


Marks, Mauss, Mayo, McBeth, Miller, Murtorff, Myers


Orner, Osborne

Paxton, Plank

Reynolds, Rhodes, Riley, Ross, Rupp

Sheaffer, Sheffer, Shetron, Shuff, Shultz, Slaybaugh, Slonaker, Smith, Smyers, Spertzel, Starner

Tate, Taylor, Tichnell, Toner


Weidner, Whistler, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolford

Yengst, Yingst, Yost



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Adlesberger Grayson W.
Adlesberger Mildred M.
Arnold Aaron
Arnold Mary C.
Baker Patricia L.
Baker Robert R.
Black Alva H.
Black Berdein S.
Black Gerald R.
Black Sterling H. - pic 2
Bream Esther M.
Bream Walter S.
Bricker Harry M.
Bricker Sallie A.
Brouylur Mary J.
Byers Anna B.
Byers Philip M.
Clapper John W.
Clapper Maria L.
Cooley Clyde E.
Cooley Thelma M.
Cully James
Cully Rachel Baker
Davis Annie E.
Davis George B.
Davis Ira F.
Davis James
Davis L. Lucinda
Davis Margie E.
Davis Mary
Davis Sarah Paxton
Davis Viola
Day Esther Q.
Day Hannah E.
Day Ira
Day Jacob
Day William
Deitz Rachel M.
Deitz Sarah A.
Dull Carrie I.
Dull Clair E.
Emlet Guy L.
Funt Marvel J.
Funt Michele Louanne
Galloway Anna Eliza
Galloway Carrie R.
Galloway Edgar W.
Galloway Farel C.
Galloway Howard D.
Galloway Howard T. - pic 2
Galloway Jean I.
Galloway Joseph
Galloway Kenneth W.
Galloway Mabel E.
Galloway Margaret A.
Galloway Meda J.
Galloway Nannie E.
Galloway Robert J.
Galloway Thomas J.
Galloway Wilson
Gardner Frank E.
Gardner John W.
Gardner Mary J.
Griest Amos Benjamin
Griest Eli C.
Griest George Calvin
Griest Harriet R.
Griest Harry J.
Griest Mary E. Slaybaugh
Grose George
Grose Sarah Ann
Group Aeota L.
Group Annie G. M.
Group Arthur O.
Group Arthur W.
Group Betty M.
Group Bruce E.
Group Carol E.
Group Charles B.
Group Dale
Group Donald
Group Dyson Gilbert
Group Earl W.
Group Edna M.
Group Edward Taylor
Group Ella M. Sowers
Group Emily J.
Group Ency Spangler
Group Etta Irene
Group Evelyn T.
Group Hannah M.
Group Helen N.
Group Hiram L.
Group Howard Daniel
Group Howard W.
Group Iva Elizabeth
Group Jane E.
Group Jesse
Group Jesse Lunger
Group John B.
Group Kenneth E.
Group Leah
Group Lucille A.
Group Maria Amelia Starner
Group Martha J.
Group Mary A.
Group Mary Edith
Group Mira Koontz
Group Morris Eugene
Group N. Lesright
Group Peter J.
Group Raymond G.
Group Robert E.
Group Theodore R.
Group Unnamed Son
Group Warren A.
Group Wm. Engelbert
Group Wm. M.
Groupe Jesse Z.
Guise Abraham
Guise Bessie L.
Guise Edith E.
Guise Emory S.
Guise John P.
Guise Lucy A.
Guise Mary E.
Guise Oscar C.
Guise Virginia A.
Heller Ambrose C.
Heller Gladys S.
Heller Harvey L.
Heller Mary C.
Heller Thora C.
Herman Earl William
Hoffman Douglas Ray
Hoffman Duane Robert
Kennedy Clifford E.
Koons A. W.
Koons John W.
Koons Sarah Ann
Koontz Anice M.
Koontz Annie E.
Koontz Clara A.
Koontz Cora M.
Koontz Daniel
Koontz, Jr. Elmer F.
Koontz Elmer J.
Koontz Eugene W.
Koontz George S.
Koontz George W.
Koontz John H.
Koontz Laura E.
Koontz Leander
Koontz Margaret L.
Koontz Mary C.
Koontz Minnie C.
Koontz Paul E.
Koontz Pauline A.
Koontz Ralph E.
Koontz Roy L.
Koontz Woodrow W.
Kuhn Ada R.
Kuhn Beulah
Kuhn Harry
Kuhn Marlin W.
Kuhn Muriel M.
Kuhn Renee C. Beam
Kuhn William G.
Kuntz Andrew
Kuntz Mary
Lafferty Hazel F.
Lafferty, Sr. John W.
Lafferty Myrtle
Marks Gilbert C.
Marks Stella G.
Mauss Evelyn M.
Mauss George W.
Mauss Harold J.
Mayo Betty Lou
Mayo Paul J.
McBeth Alva Group
McBeth Eugene E.
McBeth Mona D.
Miller Abigale Little
Miller Beatrice E.
Miller Belva R.
Miller Bertha
Miller Boyd H.
Miller Charles
Miller Charles E.
Miller Charles Wesley
Miller Daniel
Miller David
Miller Ella Day
Miller Emma V.
Miller Florence M.
Miller Frank S.
Miller George C.
Miller Harold R.
Miller Jacob H.
Miller June E.
Miller Louisa
Miller Lucy A. Guise
Miller Luther
Miller Maryellen G.
Miller Melvin L.
Miller Pearl M.
Miller Romaine R.
Miller Sabina
Miller Samuel
Miller Samuel W.
Miller Susan
Murtorff Ella S.
Murtoff Eva M.
Murtoff Harriet
Murtoff Melvin O.
Myers Adrian L.
Myers Barbara
Myers Catharine
Myers Catherine G.
Myers Dale L.
Myers Dale Leo
Myers David W.
Myers Ellen M. A. Taylor
Myers Elton H.
Myers Emma C.
Myers Emma J.
Myers Gerald W.
Myers Jacob
Myers Jean E.
Myers Lydia A.
Myers Mabel D.
Myers Margaret E.
Myers Mary Ellen
Myers McClellan D.
Myers Raymond D.
Myers Reynolds H.
Myers Rosie E.
Myers Solomon B.
Myers Thomas M.
Naugle Hettie Davis
Orner Andrew
Orner Mari?
Osborne Annie C.
Osborne Daniel G.
Osborne John E.
Osborne Unknown
Paxton A. Thomas
Paxton Albert
Paxton Calvin C.
Paxton Curtis W.
Paxton Elizabeth M. Miller
Paxton Lillie Groupe
Paxton Myrtle E.
Paxton Wm. Stewart
Plank Adam
Plank Elizabeth
Reynolds Doralyn E.
Reynolds Melvin C.
Rhodes Henry A.
Riley Fremont R. D.
Riley Reba E.
Ross Joseph
Ross Sarah
Rupp Samuel T.
Sheaffer Mabel F.
Sheffer Celeida E.
Sheffer Paul J.
Sheffer Theodore L.
Shetron Charles E.
Shetron Ruth H.
Shuff John
Shultz Anna L.
Shultz Charles C.
Shultz Charles E.
Shultz Edna Kessler
Shultz Elsie
Shultz Kermit Leroy
Slaybaugh Anna G.
Slaybaugh Charles A.
Slaybaugh Constance Lou
Slaybaugh Elsie I.
Slaybaugh Glenn L.
Slaybaugh Marks W.
Slaybaugh Paul W.
Slonaker Sandra L.
Smith Amos T.
Smith Daisie K.
Smith Florence E.
Smith George W.
Smith Oliver H.
Smith Stella M.
Smyers Barbara A.
Smyers Benjamin E.
Smyers Nellie M.
Smyers Sidney R.
Spertzel Albert E.
Spertzel Betty J.
Spertzel Blanche G.
Spertzel Charles H.
Spertzel Charles W.
Spertzel Clair A.
Spertzel Edward L.
Spertzel Esta C.
Spertzel Fred F.
Spertzel George A.
Spertzel George E.
Spertzel George W.
Spertzel Hope A.
Spertzel Ira E.
Spertzel Jean E.
Spertzel Julian G.
Spertzel Lloyd E.
Spertzel Lottie K.
Spertzel Sarah R.
Starner Cora E.
Starner Dorothy M.
Starner Gladys L. Wolford
Starner Leroy E.
Starner Ralph C.
Starner Roy M.
Starner Velma M.
Tate Catherine G.
Tate Charles A.
Tate Donald L.
Tate Edna M.
Tate Emma M.
Tate Gilbert
Tate Glenn G.
Tate Grace E.
Tate Harold R.
Tate Harry L.
Tate John Charles
Tate Margaret A.
Tate Ralph R.
Tate Ruby B.
Taylor John T.
Tichnell Hershel E.
Toner Barry R.
Toner Donald G.
Toner Grant E.
Toner Hazel R.
Toner Kenneth W.
Unknown Birtie
Unknown Catharine E.
Unknown Freeman
Unknown Joseph A.
Unknown Shelia A.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Weidner A. Julia
Weidner Gerald B.
Weidner William G.
Whistler Hannah G.
Wolf Albert H.
Wolf Catherine E. Myers
Wolf Dorothy M.
Wolf Wesley C.
Wolfe David A.
Wolfe Frank E.
Wolfe Mary E.
Wolford Lucetta Howe
Wolford Maria E.
Wolford Nettie R.
Wolford Reuben F.
Wolford Reuben W.
Wolford William F.
Yengst Galbreth
Yingst Anna J.
Yingst Catherine E.
Yingst John W.
Yingst Nancy A. - pic 2
Yingst Virginia
Yost Creedin R.
Yost Josephine B.
Zeigler David
Zeigler David R.
Zeigler Jo Anna
Zeigler John W.
Zeigler Maria V.



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