~ St. James Reformed Church Cemetery  ~



Mt. Joy Township,

Adams County, Pennsylvania


All photos contributed and transcribed by Kathy Francis


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Bair Edna L.
Bair Roger M.
Brown Barnhart
Brown Barnhart
Brown Charles E.
Brown Jacob
Brown Linda A.
Brown Mary Ann
Brown Nathaniel
Brown Thelma K.


Crouse Emanuel E. - picture 2
Currens Jesse


Dady Dennis Patrick
Deardorff Alice V. - picture 2


Epley Charles J.
Epley Ida B.
Epley Infant
Erb Augustus P.
Erb Christian
Erb Emma E.
Erb G. Wade
Erb Mazeppa F.
Erb Sarah A.
Erb William G.


Feeser Cecilia B.
Feeser Elizabeth
Feeser Infant
Feeser Jacob
Feeser Jacob H.
Feeser John
Feeser Mary Ann
Feeser Rachel
Ferris Clarence F. - military marker
Ferris Helen N.
Fissel Marie E.
Fissel William B.


Hartman Alice Jane
Hartman Bertha May
Hartman Elizabeth
Hartman Mary Ann
Hoffman Agnes - footstone
Hoffman Elizabeth
Hoffman George W. - footstone
Hoffman James W.
Hoffman John F.
Hostetler Michael A.
Huff Janet L.


Jacoby Henry G. - Father
Jacoby Louisa M. - Mother


Keefer Annie M.
Keefer Cora V.
Keefer George
Keefer Lillie May
Keefer Lydia Derr
Keefer Sarah C.
Keefer Thaddues
Kelly Francis Alvin
Kemper Henry
Kemper Korman S.
Kemper Rachel
Kemper Sarah A.
Kennell Annie Virginia
King Alverta Mae
King Elmer F.
King Goldia O.
Krout Esther N.
Krout Lee Amos
Krug Albert E.
Krug Clarence H.
Krug Mary A.
Krug Regina M.


Lambert Chas. E.
Lambert Emma J.
Lappy Ellen
LeGore Charles A. - footstone
LeGore Darlene L.
LeGore Mary M.


McGuigan Charles Allen
McGuigan Lillian Amanda
Mehring Sarah Catharine
Menchey Brian Joseph
Milhimes Minnie Mae
Miller Adalaide V.
Miller Baby Girl
Miller Elizabeth E.
Miller Harvey A.
Miller Howard A.
Miller John
Miller Margaret
Miller Paul L.
Millhimes Annie F.
Mitchell Skyla Jade
Moon Ruth A.
Moon William W.
Mummert Harriet
Mummert Harriet M.
Mummert Henry
Mummert Noah E.
Myers Abraham
Myers Susan A.


Noel Annie M.
Noel Arther A.
Noel Josephine
Noel Samuel X.


Ohler T. Jones
Olinger Carrie Belle
Olinger George William
Olinger Jennings J.
Olinger Mae Elizabeth
Olinger Nancy C.
Olinger Rosa A.
Olinger William E.
Overdeer Charles
Overdeer Maria


Palmer Catharine
Palmer Charles E.
Palmer Jacob


Rohrbaugh Aaron J.
Rohrbaugh Agnes
Rohrbaugh Alverta B.
Rohrbaugh Clayton
Rohrbaugh David
Rohrbaugh Sarah A.


Sentz Donald L.
Sentz George E.
Sentz George L.
Sentz Hilda F.
Sentz Jacqueline S.
Sentz Nadine E.
Shanabrook David
Shanabrook Jacob H. - picture 2
Shanabrook Mary
Shanabrook Rosa Ellen
Sheely Andrew - picture 2
Sheely Sarah - picture 2
Smith Raymond
Snyder David
Snyder Judith
Snyder Lucinda Jane
Spangler Ada E.
Spangler Barnhart
Spangler Edward
Spangler Elizabeth A.
Spangler Emma C.
Spangler Emma E.
Spangler Emma J.
Spangler Flora Alta
Spangler Grace A.
Spangler Isaiah E.
Spangler Jacob
Spangler Jacob
Spangler John J.
Spangler Lucinda E.
Spangler Mary C.
Spangler Mary E.
Spangler Matthias
Spangler Noah H.
Spangler Sarah Anna E.
Spangler Sarah J.
Staley Kathryn L.
Sterner E. Anna
Sterner Francis
Sterner Juliana
Sterner William
Strausser Jean E. Krout


Unknown Anna A.
Unknown Anna Mary
Unknown Annie
Unknown Lizzie Bell
Unknown Mary
Unknown Paul L.
Unknown Unknown-1
Unknown Unknown-2
Unknown H.


Walker Alma V.
Walker H. Allen
Wallick Mary E. Lambert
Weaver Betty O.
Weaver I. Chandler
Welty Eliza
Wintrode Elizabeth
Wintrode Sarah J.
Wintrode Son
Wintrode Worley
Wolf Annie
Wolf David
Wolf Elizabeth
Wolf Jacob





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